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The Modus Operandi of Zionist Terrorist Tactics, ZTT

The Modus Operandi of Zionist Terrorist Tactics, ZTT


Secret telephone conversation taped between Rabbi Morton Narrowe Deputy and Ditlieb Felderer where the Deputy tells about that ‘tactics’ will be carried out against him and others.
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 27 Seconds

People who have listened to the secret telephone conversation between Ditlieb Felderer and Rabbi Morton Narrowe of Stockhlm Synagogue in Sweden’s Deputy, have asked what the terrorist assault Deputy means with taking action and using ‘tactics’ against Zionist critics.

Merriam Webster’s College Dictionary, 10th edition, defines ‘tactics’ as:
1 a: the science and art of disposing and maneuvering forces in combat
b: the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end
2: a system or mode of procedure

‘TACTICS’ IS INFOWAR WHERE CORPSES ARE DISPOSED IN MYSTERIOUS OVENS SUCH AS THOSE AT AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM. In Swedish it has a similar meaning plus carrying out some violent act in a dubious way, often sinister made amongst confederates in crime.

WORD CRIME AS WORST OF POSSIBLE CRIMES WHEN IT CRITICIZES SCOFIELDISM AND ZIONISM. The idea is to deflect, to create the opponent target as a criminal before the eyes of the public. Thus, one creates gag laws, of a nature that things can mean anything, against those who consider certain cherished Cult ideologies as repulsive, and ‘acklig’ in Swedish, meaning nauseous.

Now most people consider Zionism as a belief in End justify means, resulting in acts of violence and terror against the population. In the Zionist way even reaching into Terror acts against the animals. It is well described in the Torah and Deuteronomy 6:10, 11, where the Zionist Terrorist invaders are told their Tribal God Jehovah will give them land, properties, and wealth by stealing it from innocent, hard-working, and peace-loving people. This God Jehovah would also give all the virgins to rape and then kill them provided they carry out his commands in creating acts of Terrorism.

This being so clearly stated in the Bible forces Zionist to deflect attention from these glaring facts and make the opposing side out as being the ‘Terrorists’, not them, the perpetrators of Terror.

Thus one made the Jewish Sonderkommando who according to the Holocaust Extortion Cult is responsible for the ‘Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine’, into victims, not perpetrators.

In Martyrology the bad guy became those who happened to step on the toe of the Martyr who came to tell you all about the ‘truths’ of Heaven. Then full Wailing Wall was set in order with lots of overdoses of Hate. How could they live with all this Hate?

One creates an evil group of thinkers and calls them ‘Holocaust Deniers’, HD, who are ready to carry out anew all that includes in the Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine. This is done, by simply stealing the word from someone else, in this case Ditlieb Felderer, who used it to show the Denial of Material Evidence of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. Thus, one made out Ahmed Rami, not as the person putting light on the Holocaust Extortion Cult but as a dangerous Witch which must be extirpated. This follows the original demand as ordered by the Tribal God Jehovah. Witches are to be burned.

ZIONISM IS TERRORISM. Zionist which is in effect a Terrorist movement and is so presented in the Bible, now makes the opposite critics into Terrorist by help of the Christians, such as the Scofieldites, who in effect are forced to go along with it as it is described a God given command which Jesus Christ never denied. This enabled the Zionist from deflecting away that it is an ideology of Terrorist acts against critics, and deflect from its own violence and terror to make Hamas become the perpetrators of Terrorism, not them.

During all Christian wars between each other one would each accuse the other for Terrorist, in order to appear as the just and rightful perpetrator of Terrorism. This was all loaned from the Jewish Bible which is filled with violence and acts of Terror.

Today Zionists have Turned Hamas into Terrorists. Tomorrow they may turn Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Baptists, Protestants, Adventists, even Pentecostals into Terrorists. Yes, even you, yourself. It is as easy as that. He who holds the control of words is the one in charge who declares who is who, and what is what, in this case, who is a Terrorist. As in the Case of Exterminationism take the Auschwitz Vomitorium huge Chimney. It can’t work in cremating even a small mouse. Yet Wikipedia make it out as capable of having been used in getting rid of Six Million Jews! Or Stalin’s, inscribed 4 million Martyrs.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:17 Minutes

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  1. Yes, Hamas is clearly wrongly been turned into terrorist by the sionsist and their errand boys.
    Today we can reed in the international press that Vladimir Putin and his friends are turned into some kind of terrorists. It reminds us when Hitler many years ago openly took upp the sionist problem in Germany, He was at ones labeld as the worst terrorist in the international press.
    Maybe it will be good to stand up for Putin and so at the same time battle the international sionism .?

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