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The art of swindling money out of Europe by Tattoos: The Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC

The art of swindling money out of Europe by Tattoos: The Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC

C1071Audio    The making of false tattoos to extort money for the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC


Jews would tell me they would do anything by ways of Tattoos in order to get at those Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. They would get anyone to scribble something onto their arm and in that way make it out they were ‘Nazi Survivors’. Many of those tattooists had no experience with tattooing and made a mess out of it. But anything served, the messier the more ‘authentic’ the German corrupt bureaucrats deemed them. No inspection or tests were made by the corrupt Germans. Some tattooed themselves with fake symbols, numbers or mystical signs.

The mere showing to you, often rapidly so, that they got a tattoo is useless. Frequently they don’t want you to inspect their tattoo or photograph it. This may indicate it is a fake tattoo. A False Flag. A mere tattoo whatever it is, is useless. You want their number just as you aren’t focusing your mind on a badge of a police who has done you harm. You need his number which identifies him as the ‘smoking gun’ who did you harm.

Many inside the German camps were hard-core criminals. Some were assassins who had killed their own father and mother. Very few were like Jehovah’s Witnesses just Conscientious Objectors who refused participation in any war.

As soon as the many hard-core criminals and Nazi collaborating Jews got news of that they could get money with the Pension Fraud Crimes there begun an avalanche of fake tattooists and fake tattoos. Every presented tattoo is a fake until investigation bear out they are genuine.

There was a system with the tattooing and you shouldn’t be surprised if the man with his tattoo could be a woman, yet he stands there claiming the female number is his. Unless Doctor Mengele did a sex change job on him, or her, the man obviously is a fraud. Next thing would be to ask him to pull down his pants to prove his manhood. If the manhood shows to be a womanhood with pants down, why does the madam present herself as a man? And check those tits to find out if they are genuine. They may be all artificial tits filled with Manna or some ingredient the Spritzers supplied for their sex pleasures.

Every presented tattoo is a fake until investigation bear out they are genuine. Some tattooed themselves with fake symbols, numbers or mystical signs.

IN REALITY NO PROPER RESPECT OF HUMAN BODY: One would think that such disfigurement of the human body would constitute going against the Jewish law.—Leviticus 19:28; Deuteronomy 14:1,2; Psalms 100:3; 139:13-16; Romans 12:1.

All the above injunctions are mitigated by a hypocritical tribal God Jehovah when his wrath is turned onto his own Chosen People living amidst Milk and Honey, the land Jehovah had given them; while Ezekiel prophecies the Jews will have their noses and ears cut off.—Ezekiel 23:25. At least here he is not partial it seems. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t smell the delicious bakery at Auschwitz and its huge Kitchen preparing the latest tasteful dishes. Nor heard the Auschwitz Waltz being played by the Jewish Orchestra with people dancing.

But the Jewish Law was for body disfigurement and mutilation as long as the End justify the means. Circumcision is one case of such justified mutilation on oneself. And as Jewry was engaged in a rich Slave Trade, their Slaves had their ears pierced in order to indicate they would continue to servitude to time indefinite. Philemon was a famous Christian slave. Perhaps one of those slaves Apostle Paul had sold.

There is much to indicate that many more forms of body mutilation originated with Jewry, they perfected it. Judith was a specialist in cutting off heads. David cut off whole Penises or their Foreskins, or both. This he did by command of his tribal God Jehovah.

The Levitical Slaughter consisted in chopping up the bodies of ones bed mates into pieces and then mail them out to fellow racial tribes. A text which the Jehovah’s Witnesses used at Isaiah 44:8, who also were inside the Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp, is not far from Isaiah 44:5, which gives Tattooing a positive sign in that the ‘survivors’, his witnesses, will put onto them the words ‘belonging to Jehovah’. Sounds very similar as when the Jews were asked by their leaders to put the Star of David, Magen David, upon them and wear them with pride.

And you can’t be sure whether it is a genuine pussy or another hairy or hairless hoax standing there before you. What is being exposed to you may be the medical art of Doctor Mengele doing his best cover ups. It is claimed that Jewish murderers who had even killed their parents and who landed at Auschwitz had their sex remade and were changed into females. So what’s staring at you may be just another refurbished Jehovah Judith Serial Killer play tool.

Is this a genuine pussy or not, or just a Doctor Mengele masquerade?

Here is a short clip in Swedish of a super secret telephone conversation between Ditlieb Felderer and a Zionist assassin declaring Felderer and others will be assassinated. The Assassin says he belongs to the Rabbi Morton Narrowe Synagogue in Stockholm, and the super secret conversation between death and life was made on March 21, 1979, and handed over to Ditlieb Felderer by anti-Terrorist action to prevent crime of violence.

Language: Swedish with English short introduction, MP3, Time: 18 Seconds

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