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Stalin’s original ‘gas chamber’ fairy tale and the new fairy tale of the Restoration Doctrine

Stalin’s original ‘gas chamber’ fairy tale and the new fairy tale of the Restoration Doctrine

How the Holocaust Deniers such as Deborah Lipstadt at Emory University play around with their fabricating of tales

Changing over of a Gospel Truth ‘fact’ to yet another Gospel Truth ‘fact’ while attempting to hold a straight face

The confusion of the Stalin Gospel True Holy Shrine Doctrine consists partly of the introduction of Olga Lengyel’s book first published under the title of I SURVIVED HITLER’S OVENS (1947), and then the novel evolved a new title of Five Chimneys: A Woman'[s True Story of Auschwitz. Olga Lengyel was a Nazi Collaborator and even admits of being so and evidently guilty of the Six Million slaughtered Jews.

When it was discovered that not even a little mouse could be cremated inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz (Hitler’s ovens), this novel, originally written as fiction, became changed into Five Chimneys: A Woman’s True Story of Auschwitz. Seeing it is evident she was referring to Auschwitz and not Birkenau, and as Stalin wanted it so, the ‘chimneys’ were to depict the holes (claimed: small chimneys), chiseled out by Stalin on top of his Holy Shrine. Thus we have yet another ‘true story’ in line with Stefan Szende and his circumcised penis that got put onto it a new fresh Foreskin in order to fool Hitler.

But Stalin had chiseled out only 4 holes on the roof of his Holy Shrine, not 5 Relic entries. So a fifth was begun, but halted, when people begun to see the farce being continued on. Supposedly even such people as Directors Kazimierz Smolen and Tadeusz Szymanski, who at first agreed, but then objected.

A PRANK OF STALIN’S BUDDIES: And so a new phantom was invented and the Cult creators called him Adam Zlobnicki. If stories are even half true, then Adam Zlobnicki must have been yet another Nazi Hitler collaborator.

No record of Adam Zlobnicki exists and Kazimierz Smolen denied his existence. So did Tadeusz Szymanski, Czech, Brandhuber, Piper, Iwasko, and others, as they would have given me his name if he existed. I had explicitly asked them for ‘witnesses’ and ‘people giving live testimonies’ whom I could then personally contact.

They appeared both chocked and scared for asking such: Were not the Stalin investigations and his ‘testimonies’ sufficient proof of the ‘truth?’

The word ‘Zlobnicki’ was evidently chosen for this fake ghost as those tale creators wanted to display the gullibility of people. ‘Zlob’ in English becomes ‘slob’, a large, coarse, and stupid person. ‘Nick’ is a slang word phrase used in various ways, such as ‘peacenick’. It can also mean steal, cheat, swindle, overcharge, prison, police station, make petty attacks. Considering the swindle of the Holocaust Extortion Cult with its Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, the word ‘Zlobnicki’ seems more than apt for it.


Learn speak in German for that great Monty Python show you will be making.

How to say the word ‘gas chamber’ in German with several repeats:
Language: German, MP3, Time: 25 Seconds

Using German words for your coming Monty Python show or theater. Ditlieb Felderer gives it a try testing new microphone:
Language: English and German, MP3, Time: 2:22 Minutes

Ditlieb Felderer spreaks ‘gas chamber’ in German language.
Language: German, MP3, Time: 2:22 Minutes

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