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The world’s first Sex Trial: the bizarre Auschwitz Frankfurt Show Trials

The world’s first Sex Trial: the bizarre Auschwitz Frankfurt Show Trials

The first ever Sex Show Trial may have been the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials which turned into a bizarre Sex Trial based on Greek Fertility Holocaust Cults

After years of abuse, it evolved into a Holocaust Fertility Cult much thanks to Stefan Szende but who neither had used the word Holocaust although being the Dean and Father of the Cult

Here you have something about it. As usual we are the first to give the details because we care:
Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials
Language: English, MP3, Time: 9:35 Minutes

From the start of the Holocaust Cult by the Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende, the Cult then developed into a major world Cult operating as an excuse for World Conquest by the New World Order supposedly put in to save mankind. It replaced the Domino Theory or Doctrine and merged into the Auschwitz For War Doctrine or Auschwitz Is War Doctrine.

This Auschwitz For War Doctrine makes it mandatory by the Western conquest powers to strike an immediate war against any opposition deemed dangerous for its own world domination.

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