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Wikipedia as vehicle for Thought Terrorism (TT)

0026_2_207Do the following. Type ‘Ahmed Rami Wikipedia’. That should lead you to Ahmed Rami and Radio Islam. Choose the English version which generally pops up first.

Now note the following taken from its biography of Ahmed Rami, 30 May 2014, at hour 01:00. Why it should exactly turn up this hour is an interesting question.

In 1987, Rami began using a public access Swedish radio station to broadcast “Radio Islam”, ostensibly a public relations program for Sweden’s Muslims. The content of the shows, however, focused on Jews, and the station was accused of being a vehicle for antisemitism.[3] In 1989, “Rami was charged by the Swedish Chancellor of Justice for hate speech (hets mot folkgrupp).” [4] The charge was based in particular on programs aired on Radio Islam but also on passages of his book Vad är Israel? (“What is Israel?”). Rami was sentenced to six months jail in 1990,[4] and Radio Islam’s transmission permit was revoked for a year.

Take special note of this here:

In 1989, “Rami was charged by the Swedish Chancellor of Justice for hate speech (hets mot folkgrupp).”

This is the intended fake translation made by the Thought Terrorist of the Israel-Zionist insurgents. For the original Swedish says nothing of ‘hate’, much less ‘hate speech.’ These are the terms Israel-Zionist insurgents use to deflect from their actual ‘hate’ and ‘hate activities’, frequently of a violent type as when they attempted to assassinate Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife.

So, if the original Swedish says nothing of ‘hate’, nor ‘hate speech’, what does it say. The law goes under ‘Hets mot folgrupp’. Now ‘hets’ can mean a variety of things, such as ‘sexual heat’. One gets aroused from sex writings, sex music, sex cartoons, sex pictures. And in fact so decided the various Lynch Trials Sweden orchestrated in favor of Thought Terrorism (TT).

Hence, the Wikipedia Zionist authors deliberately fake their translation in favor of their Exterminationist Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, to cover-up the real motives: to extort money from nations on basis of an alleged massacre taken place mostly at the Auschwitz, Stalin Holy Shrine.

The Wikipedia Zionist fake writers get away with it for to an English ear, ‘hate’ may seem a translation of ‘hets’, the pronounded ‘h’ seemingly standing for the ‘h’ in ‘hets’.

But this is not what the Swedish word ‘hets’ means. In swedish there exist a specific word for ‘hate’, and that is ‘hat’. And no translator of any quality can fail to know this. Hence, by portraying Ahmed Rami being found guilty of ‘hate’ is patently a libel and vicious lie.

The Swedish Censorship law introduced by American Zionist oath breakers and taken use of by Sweden’s corrupt Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, uses ‘missaktning’, something which the Swedish bureaucrats constantly engage in, in one form of the other. And in this case, directly against Ahmed Rami, just as Wikipedia has done in their libeling biography against Ahmed Rami.

But there are grave further errors by using ‘hate speech’. Why? Because ‘speech’ is just one factor of the law. The ‘seduction’, which the word ‘missaktning’ at times can be translated can also mean such a ‘erotic excitement’ as became the case in the Ditlieb Felder Sweden Show Trial.

It can mean sensual pictures, pictures of erotic nature that invigorates sexual passion, pieces of music, poetry, satire, ridicule, irony, parody, lampoon, burlesque, joke, comic, comedy, laughter, caricature, macaronic, and of similar nature.

Thus the Swedish court felt this cartoon excited sexual passion, exciting prohibited lust onto the Swedish public and forbade it. All this, while its originator, Herman Zetterberg, was an active Sex Maniac whose Censorship adepts felt toilet paper may cause unrestrained forbidden sexual passion onto the Swedes; and thus, the corrupt Swedish pseudo-Justice Chancellor, Bengt Hamdahl, forbade it:
Preview of “anne frank radio islam”_3

Here is another example of what the corrupt Witchhunter Bengt Hamdahl felt may cause forbidden sexual passion:
Preview of “cartoon tortured for lind”_2

The Israel-Zionist Wikipedia insurgents moreover got this cartoon prohibited by the Sweden Inquisitor General and Witchhunter, Bengt Hamdahl. This cartoon shows that ‘speech’ is only a part of the Sweden draconian Censorship law. Notice here the stork cartoon which the eminent Bengt Hamdahl forbade on moral Hegelian grounds and dialectic:

But the prestigious and eminent Swedish lunatic fringe of Inquisitorial Witchhunter and lawmakers, to make sure they covered it all, also included farting sounds. And thus becoming the first judicial deranged group to include farting as a possible violence against human kinds:

Thus the illustrious Swedish judiciary elite all robotized by Israel-Zionist Hegelian dialects, proved once and for all, that indeed the lunatics have escaped the asylum and now taken it over.

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