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That incredible Stair Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult

That incredible Stair Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult

: Helmut Kohl
and his CDU party begun to secretly scheme up a Stair Doctrine law which would imprison anyone for 5 years inside a Concentration Camp for denying the Stair Doctrine. The first one to be hit by such a Totalitarian law in what became Germany; putting people inside Concentration Camp for the mere ‘crime’ of ‘doubting’ became Ernst Zundel.

Ditlieb Felderer who had many experiences with Stairs and Basements and knew the dangers of Stairs, wanted to find out how the Auschwitz Martyrs, who at convenient times became the Birkenau Martyrs, how they were brought down the Stairs into an alleged ‘gas chamber’. There was nothing to describe how these Martyrs were taken down the Stairs? Did the Jewish Sonderkommando who administrated the whole killing operation, roll them down the stairs? Or, with the Martyrs, millions of them, sitting on the wheelchairs? And what happened to the wheelchairs afterward?
640px-DuschrollstuhlSTRICKEN DOWN BY OWN DENIAL: THE STAIR DOCTRINE GETS TESTED BY ITS OWN CREATOR AND FOUND WANTING. German Helmut Kohl who put Ditlieb Felderer inside Concentration Camps for denying the Stair Doctrine became himself a physical victim of the Stair Doctrine and is today permanently confined to a Wheelchair, having fallen down basement stairs which he claimed were not dangerous at all and was quite ready to incarcerate into Concentration Camps who said so.

THE SOURCE OF THE ‘STAIR DOCTRINE’: The originator of the Stair Doctrine is the Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende who claimed that Jews in order to survive Hitler had their Circumcised Penises put onto them new, fresh Foreskins. This has never been denied by one Holocaust Denier and seems to be as firm and strong Doctrine as the Rock of Gibraltar. When Dittlieb Felderer requested Stefan Szende that he put his claim to the test and let Ditlieb Felderer photograph his remarkable restored Penis, Stefan Szende refused, claiming that was ‘persecuting Jews’ to certify such a claim.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 13 Minutes

HUGE TRAINS GO UNDERGROUND TO DEATH CHAMBERS: According to the great Stefan Szende, constantly huge trains, carrying thousands of would-be Martyrs, entered down into the death halls which were huge rooms. The trains never came out again it seems but the trains were liquidated along with the Martyrs.

REMOVE ALL TRACES OF THE CRIME: In order to explain what happened to all these Locomotives, Trains; up popped the idea of the ‘Remove All Traces of Crime Doctrine’. They simply disappeared just like the people. Everything was liquidated, the Jewish Sonderkommando, those who administrated the killing, along with the Trains! All evidence was removed, hocus-pocus. Turn the page for next story!

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