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‘Holocaust Survivor’ commerce and their drive for Mythomania

‘Holocaust Survivor’ commerce and their drive for Mythomania

Why is it that not one of the so called ‘Holocaust Survivor’ commercial adepts testimonies for their Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, can be relied upon and have to be dismissed as sheer bunk?

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THE LOVE FOR MONEY DRIVES THE SPINNING OF CULT TALES ONWARD: The drive for the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) with easy money goads the extortion urge on and makes the Extortioners invent one wild tale after the other. Here a suspect Pension Fraud Crime claimant invents a tale for the Cleveland, Ohio, USA public. The public fraud attempt was made on 23 September 1982, on the Merle Pollis talk show on WJW850:
Language: English, MP3, Time: 12 Seconds

ALL FALL ON THE ISSUE OF ‘LOCATION’ AND EXPOSE THEIR TESTIMONY AS THAT OF RACKETEERS: Once faced with having to give precise location of their claimed ‘happening’, the Holocaust Extortion Cult adepts back down and become arrogant and abusive.

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