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There are no ‘Holocaust Survivors’ only Nazi Collaborators

There are no ‘Holocaust Survivors’ only Nazi Collaborators

The Ella Lingens Case

If the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, Exterminationism is true, there can be no ‘Holocaust Survivors’, only Nazi Collaborators


At the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, Ella Lingens, should have been one of the first accused, helping in killing four million Martyrs at Birkenau near Auschwitz. Instead the State put her in the accuser’s chair. But she was right there working at alleged ‘gas chambers’ of Crematory 2 and 3!

If the HEC Cult is true, she must have been one of them main Serial Killers, assassinating people in the millions.
According to Exterminationism and post-Stalinism, four millions at least at Birkenau near Auschwitz.

Ella Lingens was right there, not as a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ but as a Holocaust Survivor Nazi Collaborator (HSNC).

This Pension Fraud Crime suspected claimant calling in to the Merle Pollis, Talk Show, at Cleveland, Ohio, on WJW850 on 23 September 1982, must also have been a HSNC, a Holocaust Survivor Nazi Collaborator; hence a perpetrator of the crimes, not an innocent ‘Survivor’. By her very description of fake placement and exponent of Exterminationism, she branded herself an abettor, and possible perpetrator of Genocide. A Nazi Collaborator hiding behind the veils of Doctrinal hocus-pocus.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 20 Seconds

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