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First audible admittance ever that at Auschwitz in Poland there was a Swimming Pool inside the Relief Camp

First admittance ever that at Auschwitz in Poland there was a Swimming Pool inside the Relief Camp


First believed audible Testimony by an Exterminationist in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, that at Auschwitz Vomitorium (AV) there existed a Swimming Pool. Voice was heard over 30 years ago.

The date was 1982 on September 23, at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on the WJW850 Merle Pollis Talk Show. Merle Pollis asks the caller about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool:

The above shows once again the disastrous consequences when people depend on Governments for history. The very fact that Governments regulate history by politicians, police, and judges, indicate there exist a flood of lies they are concerned with covering up.

It is interesting to note that till now there exist a death silence from the Holocaust Denial historians such as the Three Stooges: Evans, Longerich, and Pelt; along with other State licensed pseudo-historians as: Christopher Browning, Ian Kershaw, Deborah Lipstadt, Laurence Rees, and others. All who helped with the persecution and imprisonment of independent investigators and in the cover-up of History, and, chose to rely on, often deranged people and people who were out for the Pension Fraud Crimes’ (PFC) lucrative well of money.

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