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The ‘stairs’ of alleged Birkenau ‘gas chambers’ prove the Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’ a fake

The ‘stairs’ of alleged Birkenau ‘gas chambers’ prove the Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’ a fake

All kinds of false ‘testimonies’ have been given throughout the years. Sometimes by people claiming to have been drunk while giving their testimony. Here is the case of Rudolf Kauer who evidently testified while drunk:

The Stories, many of them originating with Stalinist Stefan Szende were taken over line, hook, and sinker, by Helmut Kohl’s claimed ‘Christian’ party, and those of the others. Stefan Szende’s New Foreskin on Circmcised Penis Doctrine was never denied by Helmut Kohl’s party, nor any of the others.

388 WHEN STAIRS ARE NOT DANGEROUS: While ostensibly being against Communism the German political parties, including Helmut Kohl, secretly behind the back of the people begun to work on introducing Censorship laws that not even Stalin dreamed about. Today Germany gives 5 years in Concentration Camp for claiming ‘stairs’ are dangerous. Helmut Kohl fell on ‘stairs’ not being dangerous in February, 2008. He has not recovered since and is today a veritable vegetable. So who still can claim ‘stairs’ are not dangerous? All authoritarian German courts do so and even went so far as to get Ditlieb Felderer put inside a Swedish Concentration Camp for stating ‘stairs’ are dangerous.

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