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Helmut Kohl had people put into Concentration Camps for stating staircases are dangerous

Helmut Kohl had people put into Concentration Camps for stating staircases are dangerous

Then he fell himself going down the stairs seriously injured

Short after he fell again as result of his first fall, this time in the kitchen

Helmut Kohl, the man who adopted Stalin’s main Doctrine

Facts Helmut Kohl’s present wife, Maike Kohl-Richter won’t talk about

Here is the chocking story of how a man helped in creating a 5 year sentence inside Concentration Camps for anyone stating stairs are dangerous and can even kill.

And here are those ludicrous stairs existing at Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau. Think of all the people falling down those stairs! Then think about what would happen in winter. Little wonder why Birkenau was such a hard place to sell for a ‘gas chamber’. And no wonder why no Revisionist would buy it. That is the difference between Exterminationism and their Holocaust Extortion Cult and Revisionism. It is between fact and fiction.


Children and grown ups would scream and yell in going down into a dark room, be that either at Auschwitz or at Bikenau, no matter how much the Jewish Sonderkommando would comfort them for their Serial Killing acts for the Final Solution 1__#$!@%!#_344

HELMUT KOHL BECOMES A VICTIM OF HIS OWN LIE: When Ditlieb Felderer reported about that these stairs indicated that these were not ‘gas chambers’ but ordinary morgues, Helmut Kohl and his friends had Ditlieb Felderer put into Concentration Camps. Later on, in February of 2008, Helmut Kohl was to fall down the stairs, thus physically showing to Helmut Kohl stairs can be dangerous and cause injuries. Helmut Kohl never recuperated from his fall down the stairs. And he never regretted the errors he had made 345

Picture above shows Helmut Kohl in a wheelchair serious injured from his fall off the stairs. Now his wife, Maike Kohl-Richter, age 50, takes care of him. Helmut Kohl fell from the basement stairs, those of the type existing at Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau. He can only speak with difficulties today.

SOURCE: Bild, 2 June 2014:2. Recording error: Year of Helmut Kohl’s stair fall was in February of 2008.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 23:47 Minutes

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