Germany, Sweden, and France plot against the world

Germany, Sweden, and France plot against the world for war and destruction

How France, Germany and Sweden sought to make Terrorism a rule of law

The bringing in of Thought Terrorism to Europe using the plan of Zionism

The plot against Islam, the Plot against Communism, the plot against the world

The Auschwitz For War Doctrine

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The superstition of Religion and of the State rule mankind to their graves

The superstition of Religion and of the State rule mankind to their graves

The Transforming of man into a human robot

Yet one more Teatro Holocausto. The helpers of the Final Solution
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The fall of the House of Holocaust Extortion Cult and the demand of paying back the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC


The fall of the House of Holocaust Extortion Cult and the demand of paying back the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC

The fall of the biggest con scam the world has ever seen: The Holocaust Extortion Cult

The Cult could only exist by using Censorship, Violence, and Terror

Take a good look at the beautiful architecture of the Auschwitz Reception Building (Aufnahmegebaude). Why would the Germans have bothered building such a beautiful building if the intention was to make Auschwitz a center for killing? And look at all its windows. The Secret Doctrine becomes the Doctrine of the mad ones by just seeing this visual, undeniable fact.

Listen to some reasons why the Holocaust Extortion Cult scam fell flat on its own face
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Sperm Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult

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The ‘White Stuff’ testified as to an alleged Nazi Survivor by a suspect Pension Fraud Crimes claimant. Testimony delivered 23 September 1982, on the Merle Pollis talk show at Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The then West German CDU party, making itself out as a Christian Party adopted all of Stalin’s Exterminationist Doctrines. The Sperm Doctrine became one of the Doctrines in explaining the Final Solution of Six Million Dead Jews:

Happy moments inside the Nazi Gas Chamber

Happy moments inside the Nazi Gas Chamber

The Selection Doctrine and Ramp Doctrine in full bloom

Helpful commentaries about the huge Auschwitz Kitchen

Auschwitz For War Doctrine ventilated once more

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From where did the Semen Smeared ‘Sperm Doctrine’ come? And what about the Train Doctrine?

From where did the Semen Smeared ‘Sperm Doctrine’ come? And what about the Train Doctrine? Two potent Doctrines unite in one to go up the Chimney

Certainly the Sperm Doctrine has close connection with the old Manna Cult and the originator of the Exterminationist Cult, Stefan Szende, who claimed Jews had their Circumcised penises refurbished and put onto them new and fresh Foreskins in order to fool Hitler in believing they were not Jews.

It is no wonder why out of this Doctrinal claim sprung yet another claim Doctrine. That, that the Jewish Sonderkommando squirted their semen, sperm (Manna), into openings, holes, killing all the Jews who were inside the huge rooms below. Sometimes the huge Manna squirt chamber was located below ground.

Their Manna semen, or sperm, were extraordinary potent and poisonous, and the Jewish Sonderkommando were much feared for their fire power. They coveted much women’s underwear which they got for their liquidation work, and so they were ready to do anything, not only killing their own kins, but also their own father and mother.

Semen Doctrine, Manna Doctrine, or Sperm Doctrine audible heard, traced to its early origin. Merle Pollis of WJW850, Cleveland, Ohio, September 23, 1982, asks question to suspect, Pension Fraud Crimes Claimant, where she mentions of the ‘white stuff’ [Manna from heaven], ‘holes’, and ‘paint’:

Another Doctrinal version is that the Semen from the Jewish Sonderkommando, the Manna from heaven, were collected into cans, and then the cans with their semen contents were either shaken into the holes or the Jewish Sonderkommando used the Shower faucets (Shower Doctrine), firing their sperm contents into them, which Final Solution would then flow into the shower hoses and then the Martyrs inside would voluntarily kill themselves, not realizing that the Final Solution coming through the shower heads was deadly poison.

SIX MILLION DEAD JEWS DOCTRINE: At Auschwitz Stalin claimed more than 4 million, yes 6 million, were swiftly and effectively mass exterminated inside a huge room made by concrete. There at Auschwitz it seems the room, the Holy Shrine, was below ground, but it is actually located above ground, being partly surrounded by an earth mound.

At Holy Shrine 2, at Birkenau, the Holy Shrine was below ground, and the squirting by the Jewish Sonderkommando of their venomous, super strong semen with instant fire killing power, took place via ‘holes’ on top of the roof, a dance floor. The moment of execution of yet another 4 million at Birkenau, took place after the Jewish Sonderkommando, accompanied by graceful dance movements, had gently and with assured, softening smiling faces led their unsuspected Martyrs into the death room, the Stalin Holy Shrine, below ground.

We analyze the ‘Sperm Doctrine’ and ‘Secret Doctrine’, closely connected with the ‘Never Again Seen Doctrine’:

Train Audio9

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The word ‘Holocaust’ in fact means the Penis moving up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do. This physical movement act fused into the Semen, or Sperm Doctrine, and was made by the Exterminationist Cultists as a ‘deadly movement’, the Final Solution, whereby the solution of sperm, or semen, finished off the 6 millions in a deadly mass of sperm solution by the Jewish Sonderkommando who served a dual function, as Saviors and as Executioners. Never has dying been so sweet!

‘NEVER AGAIN SEEN DOCTRINE’ AND THE ‘SPERM DOCTRINE’: Here below is a potent and viable example of the Sperm Doctrine and Never Again Seen Doctrine, in action. The speaker, a Holocaust Survivor, had survived the semen squirts of the Holocaust semen fire power, shot by the Jewish Sonderkommando, at what appears to be either at Auschwitz or Buchenwald. She did not mention Birkenau.

She testifies that ‘Most of the people whom they [the Jewish Sonderkommando] took they didn’t come back’. Listen to this dramatic moving, sensitive, living Testimony where the Holocaust Survivor, having survived the Penal penetration of Noachian flood of venomous poison of Final Solution; and who was now living prosperous at Cleveland, Ohio, with full German huge pension (PFC). Her intimate and brave Confession was delivered in the year of the Lord, September 23, 1982, at the Merle Pollis talk show, WJW850:

ON TOP OF STALIN’S HOLY SHRINE FULL MONTY MACHISMO OPERATED: Here, on top of this roof of the Stalin Holy Shrine, the Sperm Doctrine claims that the Jewish Sonderkommando stood fit and ready, shooting their potent poisonous Semen into the holes while on top of the roof. A variety of Doctrines have been offered what happened to the venomous Sperm in freezing cold? Could it not have landed onto the Sonderkommando themselves, thus killing them on the spot? And what about all the Peeping Toms around looking at the whole massive killing procedure? And how did they manage to get their tools into operation functional Erection movement in freezing cold? Had the Jewish Sonderkommando invented some types of Viagra, Cialis? Also, how often did Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller operate his fine tool for functional use? Part of the ‘Functionalist Doctrine’.

A FAITHFUL MACHO DOCTRINE COMING FROM STEFAN SZENDE AND HOW FORESKINS WERE STOLEN: According to the Dean and Father of Exterminationism, the Holocast Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende, Jews put onto their circumcised Penises fresh new Foreskins in order to fool Hitler. In this way Jews escaped being Semen squirted on by the deadly poison coming from the Jewish Sonderkommando. Stefan Szende was also the originator of the Jewish Sonderkommando Doctrine in all its Doctrinal macho shapes:

JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO SPERMOPHILES KILLING BY SPERMOCIDE AND THEIR MANNA FINAL SOLUTION FROM HEAVEN: The Jewish Sonderkommando, a special elite groups of royal orgy machos of Jews who loved killing their own kins for female underwear, condoms, visits to the Brothels, etc. They seem to be the first ones in human history using Spermocide (Manna) to liquidate their own for sensual pleasures. Their virile voluptuousness has caused some Christian Dispensationalists to include them in their hermeneutics to have received their Sperm power (Manna Solution) by miraculous means given to them by Jesus Christ as he promised that a special select group of fortunate adepts will do greater work than he did (John 14:12).

Wikipedia ridden by mice. A Mouse sees Six mice with mouse Dancing the Auschwitz Waltz on top of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber

Wikipedia ridden by mice. A Mouse sees Six mice with mouse Dancing the Auschwitz Waltz on top of the Birkenau Gas Chamber near Auschwitz in Poland

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