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The ideological war against Islam: Israel and Zionism stand behind the Wikipedia articles on Islam

The Holocaust Deniers are now faced with the embarrassing situation to try and explain how they could admit all these Stalin fakes without voicing one word of doubt of his Relics or criticism of his Doctrinal corpus. This lock found at the Corpse Door was the lock claimed to hold in the Six Million Martyrs inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine

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WAT: The Wikipedia Assault Team and how they operate

The ideological war against Islam: Israel and Zionism stand behind the Wikipedia articles on Islam

The Israel-Zionist dialectic behind Wikipedia articles on Islam

The Israel-Zionist dialectic behind Wikipedia articles on World War 2, its so called ‘Holocaust’ articles, its Zionist lingo in articles dealing on Auschwitz, Holocaust Denial, biographies and related matters

Wikipedia’s hiding of its identity of authors on controversial topics in order to protect them from insight, accusation of bias and bigotry

The deliberate attempt by Wikipedia internet Israel-Zionist insurgents to cover-up the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

It is questionable if one article written in Wikipedia on Islam is not written by a clandestine Israel-Zionist insurgent operator


This investigation of Wikipedia’s disinformation and ambiguity of Ahmed Rami is based on the Wikipedia biography of Ahmed Rami, of May 30, 2014, at hour 01:00.

1. The Israel-Zionist operators behind the article keep changing the references and contents according to outside criticism. The biography starts with using what has become a Newspeak, ambiguous term of ‘Holocaust denier,’ and links to that word, also this article, clandestinely written by Israel-Zionist internet insurgents.

The very fact of Zionist Jews using such an Aryan, Antisemitic term as ‘Holocaust’ one would think should be repugnant to them. But they have not much choice. Should they use a Hebrew term they would let the cat out of the bag, showing their propaganda to the public.

The term ‘Holocaust Denier’ and ‘Holocaust Denial’ were terms introduced by Ditlieb Felderer to describe those who deny the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, its huge Kitchen, its sport courts and sport activities, its self-proclaimed perpetrators of the alleged crime, such as the Jewish Sonderkommando, its numerous denial of self-made Doctrines, its denial of Material Evidence, the Smoking Gun, and a host of other material. These terms were never ambiguously used as these Israel-Zionist Wikipedia insurgents do.

But how do these clandestine Israel-Zionist authors interpret these terms after having hijacked them from Ditlieb Felderer? To them a ‘holocaust denier’ is a person who clandestinely tries to redo the killing of an alleged Six Million Jews, especially in a ‘gas chamber’. Stalin used his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz giving it as Material Evidence proof that some Six Million Jews (Stalin used: Martyrs), had died in its ‘gas chamber’. In fact, at times the figure reached 8 million and more, depending on the guides, their temperament, and latest command on what to say.

The term ‘holocaust denier’ is today used by the clandestine Israel-Zionist insurgents of the Internet as a trigger word, like the old ‘Witch’ term, and to spread fear and hate amongst the populace against people who are curious to investigate.

No serious scholar today use these terms in any other way than those originated by Ditlieb Felderer. Only after the libel suit against Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, by David Irving, did the Newspeak term ‘holocaust denier’ get in vogue by the Zionists, much to the fact that David Irving agreed it as a bona fide term term used against him to smear him.

Even up to our year of 2014, do the following test: Ask someone the question of what a ‘holocaust denier’ is. For those who try to answer it: they all give contradictory and a wide range of interpretation of that word. Using it the way Ditlieb Felderer used it from the beginning, no confusion exist. The ambiguity and obscurantism is gone. There either is a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz or there is none.

But that is the point, the Israel-Zionist internet insurgents with their use of Thought Terrorism (TT), want to spread hate, disinformation, and confusion, in order to hold the upper hand of their Cult of Exterminationism which Stalin used in his Martyrology, and their Cult of Obscurantism. And this primarily, to cover-up their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). So there are no confusion as to motives.

Stalin had good reasons to fabricate his own Hollywood Martyrology at Auschwitz as he himself had committed War Crimes and his Katyn Massacres, assassinating thousands of Poles and others.

2. It is indeed fantastic, that up to this date, none of the Israel-Zionist Wikipedia insurgents have dared to reveal their real names. Everything is done by ambiguity and concealment of facts. And even, if Wikipedia should require their names, they likely would use double, triple, and more names. This methods was used in extracting the fake Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

3. Take not of the fact that it uses the term ascribed onto Ahmed Rami and David Janzon: ‘convicted of the same crime‘. That is because the Israel-Zionist internet insurgents want to depict all criticism of Zionism as a ‘crime.’ In fact, they even had Sweden’s former corrupt Justice Minister, the sex maniac, drug addict, and alcoholic, Herman Zetterberg, throw people into Mental Institution with the help of doctors who had been accused for rape of patients, were alcoholics, drug users, or embroiled with deep family problems.

In footnote 5 the Israel-Zionist internet insurgents again use the term ‘crime’ for a Thought Crime which stem back from Old Testament lynch laws. In the footnote it states: ‘In 1993, Janzon was convicted of the same crime as Rami’. That Thought Crime constitute a crime is a basic ideology for Israel-Zionist dialectic. They view all criticism as an attempt to kill them and redo the ‘gassing of Hitler’s gas chambers’.

And the ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz is a total Stalin fake! Not only that. Those who did and administrated the killing, we were told, were the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. Hence their own people. Yet Israel with its Zionism has not condemned anyone of them for Genocide. Not even killing. One of their foremost Serial Killer involved with Genocide, was Filip Muller. And he was invited to West Germany with full pension, private home, and all the benefits of a king.

The fact is, that all serious scholars today view these Sweden Kangaroo Courts as mere Lynch Trial Courts. All jury members are chosen by their political party, a method condemned by all civilized countries and courts. One of the first rules of a civilized court, is, that jury members must not be chosen on political grounds. To this date, Sweden insist on their Medieval Inquisitional court system refusing to abide by modern standards of writing, be that by the Media, the Press, or individual investigators.

So while Sweden is often attacking Islam for their ‘backward and uncivilized behavior,’ it is itself guilty of the worst of primitive behaviors: That of making Free Speech a crime. And to win their cases, these corrupt politicians use fake and bogus juries.

And in cases where a ‘jury’ is avoided, they use pseudo-judges to carry out their acts of Thought Crime, such as the bogus Hans Danelius and Johan Munck of the Sweden Supreme Court.

From here on all involved with a study of Islam will look with suspicion of all Wikipedia articles dealing on Islam, World War 2, ‘Holocaust’ articles, Auschwitz, and such matters.

The Israel-Zionist insurgents are now faced with a tremendous clean up job: trying to make these articles not look like as they came from them.

For a study of Radio Islam, go to:


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