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A list of Holocaust Deniers (HD) and how it all begun



What does ‘Holocaust Denier’ mean?
Language: English, MP3, Time: 14:31 Minutes

Prominent Holocaust Deniers (HD)

This is the most complete short list of Holocaust Deniers (HD) ever published, those holding onto, or who exercise faith in the Cult of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult. Many of these persons were personally known to Ditlieb Felderer. Many are now dead. Am I missing anyone? Let me know.

HOLOCAUST DENIAL AND HOLOCAUST DENIERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GENOCIDE, BE THAT SO CALLED ‘JEWS’ OR GENTILES: As the readers can see, these terms which were hijacked by Wikipedia secret, anonymous Cult peddlers, have nothing to do with Genocide as preached by Zionism in the constant barrage of purloining and wild Doctrines. Of the list of supposed ‘Holocaust Deniers’ give, not one of them fits into the description the cryptic writers use as basis for using these terms. This is a total invention on their part in order to sell Zionism amongst ignorant public.

WHY DO ZIONISTS USE AN ANTISEMITIC GOYIM WORD ‘HOLOCAUST’ HAVING TO DO WITH FERTILITY CULT AS AN APT WORD FOR SUPPOSED KILLING OF SIX MILLION ‘JEWS’?: One also can question Wikipedia cryptic Zionist writers and their use of an Aryan, Antisemitic word, Holocaust, to express the foremost Faith and Cult of Zionism. Why not use a Hebrew term for this? Here is yet another attempt to bamboozle the public with Newspeak words.

Somehow Revisionism also got infected with Newspeak lingo. The New York Times article of 30 March 1988 shows that even then the word ‘Holocaust’ was not in vogue. The only one using the term in the article is Ernst Zundel, a man who was very cautious with using the term.

EVOLUTION OF TERM ‘HOLOCAUST’:The terms ‘Holocaust Denial’, ‘Holocaust Denier’, HD were used by me to counter the Exterminationist Cult and introduced with capital letters. Early Cult leaders never used word ‘Holocaust’. In the battle between Ditlieb Felderer, Merle Pollis, and a Zionist caller, the word ‘Holocaust’ was not used simply because even by then it was not in vogue. And that was as late as 1982. The terms ‘survivor’ and ‘nazi survivor’ were used. It was not before David Irving begun to state he was not a ‘holcaust denier’ that it became a real Newspeak term. Even by then, no one could explain what a ‘holocaust denier’ was. When you ask people today you are no further ahead. It is a dead end.

David Irving could have responded to Holocaust Denier (HD), Deborah Lipstadt, that he does not understand what these terms mean, and ask her to explain. That the word was used as a smear word. As when you in the past called someone a ‘Witch!’ Likely he would have found out how Ditlieb Felderer introduced these, and other terms, and how he used them in battling various Cults such as Dispensationalism, Scofieldism, and; Pentecostal, Fundamentalist Pie In The Sky ‘revelations’ and speculations.

Cults thrive on words, using the lingo and THEIR interpretation to take the upper hand. Few people can match a skilled Newspeak Cultist, and in most cases it is checkmate for him. The David Irving libel trial once more showed the vulnerability of battling a Cultist with his own terms and on his own grounds.

While this is true, there does not exist one Cultist that can win against a person well informed about Cult language. But few master this skill. Even more, the practical skill. Unless you are a Jehovah’s Witness with continued confrontations with other Cults, you have no chance to obtain any skill in Newspeak Cult language and battles. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses leadership frown on its members learning the Newspeak wars as it itself is a Cult and vulnerable for checkmate against an informed adversary.

WHAT UNITES HOLOCAUST DENIERS (HD)? Doctrines do not unite Exterminationism. There probably by this time exists well over a thousand of Doctrines and a host of different interpreters. But the Exterminationist does not need specify what he means by the HD terms as he is out to win, and not lose a verbal easy battle. So, if Doctrines don’t unite them, what does unite them? It is the fact that there does not knowingly to this date exist any Holocaust Denier who is not a Thought Terrorist (TT).

A Thought Terrorist (TT) is a person who accepts Limited Censorship and often uses it against his adversaries, using the easy tool of the State. And the Christians love citing Romans 13:1-7 as excuse for their criminal behavior which Bishop Benjamin Hoadly so well described.

Limited Censorship is condemned by the American Constitution, First Amendments, Article 1. But all of Europe refuse acceptance of Unlimited Censorship and fervently cling to Censorship of the type introduced in Europe by the French Revolution, and then by the German thinker Hegel. This is one of the reason why especially Germany cling blindly to Censorship, becoming the first nation ever in history to make ‘doubt’ a crime. That is the natural end of the road of anyone accepting Limited Censorship. The finale often was burning at the stake and Torture.

This makes it that the Holocaust Denier Cultist has carte blanche in Europe. The State takes care of his troubles denying Free Speech to anyone, even a Doubter as in the Totalitarian Germany awarding you five years jail even for ‘doubting’, a crime introduced by the German corrupt Prosecutor Ulrich Meinerzhagen and his Christian Scoefieldite friends. Aristotle, Bishop Benjamin Hoadly, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Claude Helvetius, Baron O’Holbach, Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Henrik Ibsen, Voltarine De Cleyre, Henry Mencken, Jeanne de la Platiere; some of the world’s greatest thinkers, have shown to fight a court case based on Limited Censorship is hopeless and futile. You better not answer the Court for it is made to make you out a Witch.

So, Thought Terrorism (TT) cements all Holocaust Deniers (HD) together not the fact on Doctrines which all can mean one thing or the other. Being caught in a Limited Censorship battle, the only things that matters for the State is to make you a Witch. How you are executed is left open. Many commit suicide. Others, you never hear again. Part of the reason is, that they have neglected to learn the difference between Limited Censorship and Unlimited Censorship.

Therefore all Holocaust Deniers (HD) have got it easy. They just need to state terms their way and interpret them their way, and they won the Bible interpretation as the State backs them fully up. Witchhunting is strong and alive to this day. That is why the Holocaust Extortion Cultist loves the State, and warms up to it, as it will protect his Cult from insight and leave its adepts to carry out any crime they wish. And one of its foremost tool is Persecution and Torture.

All Holocaust Deniers (HD) are babied by the State. Yes, it even often pays his wages. Thus, Europe’s main leading violator of Free Speech, Germany, covered trip and expenses for Palestine Professor, Mohammed Dajani, to go to Auschwitz Vomitorium. There are few inquirers who would do so at their own expenses. The State, led by its corrupt politicians, will do everything to win a case for its own end. There are few men who are ready to resist. As stated, Germany awards you 5 years prison for ‘doubting’.

Germany and others, stood behind several Terrorist acts against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. Before World War 2, the Felderer family had to flee Germany just because the family was renting home from a Jewish family, and his mother felt injustice done to them. That does not stop its corrupt politicians to then perpetrate criminal acts all in the name of honorability! Germany stands today as the worst enemy of Europe with its slavish Doctrine of Limited Censorship.

TAGS: ADL (Antisemitic Diaper Loonies), Antisemitic Diaper Loonies, BB (Book Burners), Book Burners, Causts, Cover Up Men, CUM (Cover Up Men), Exterminationists, HD, HEC Survivor, HET (Holocaust Erection Toymen), Holocaust Denial (HD), Holocaust Deniers Outlets, JSS (Jewish Sonderkommando Survivors), Leechers, Men Of Violence), MOV (Men Of Violence), Mythomaniacs, Obscurantists, Pissers, Reliefers, SH (Skirt Hanger), SHGCD (Stalin Homicide Gas Chamber Denialists), SEMEN, Skirt Hanger (SH), SS (Sonderkommando Survivors), Three Stooges, Teleprompters, Thought Terrorists (TT), Vaginal Men, VG (Vaginal Men)

Tomasz Adamcyk (Secretary of Committee for Dialogue with Judaism)
Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs (Of Krakow University)
Lars-Goran Asbring
Ban Ki-moon (Secretary General of United Nations. Stand on Exterminationism obscure but so far used for the Holocaust Extortion Cult)
Jose Manuel Barroso
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
Bartosz Bartyzel
Fritz Bauer (Turned negative to Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) and possible assassinated)
Pope Benedict XVI
Sara Bloomfield
Lennart Bodstrom
Thomas Bodstrom
Rajo Bohman
Jerzy Adam Brandhuber (Border-line Holocaust Denier, part Renegade)
Willy Brandt
Martin Broszat
Christopher Browning
Stephane Bruchfeld
Jerzy Buzek
David Cesarini
Piotr Cywinski
Danuta Czech (Auschwitz Vomitorium greatest historian and also beacame its first Revisionist)
Barbara Just-Dahlmann (Scofieldite German Judge)
Deborah Dwork
Jan Eliasson
Anita Engelbrandt
Bengt-Ake Engstrom
Richard John Evans
Eskil Franck
Arnold Friedman
Jorg Friedrich
Ake Green
Lennart Groll
Stephen Harper (Canada)
Kjell Henriksson
Raul Hilberg
Mats Hilding
Frank Hirschfeldt
Johan Hirschfeldt
Francois Hollande
Tora Holst
Tadeusz Iwasko (Possible assassinated)
Olaf Jensen
Torsten Jonsson
Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka
Andrecj Kacorzyk (International Center for Education about Auschwitz)
Lech Kaczynski
Ian Kershaw
Beate Klarsfeld
Bogdan Klich
Inger Kondradsson
Gustaf Lagerbjalke
Hermann Langbein
Peter Launsky
Jan Levin
Martha Lindberg
Ella Lingens (Border-line Holocaust Denier (HD))
Agneta Isborn Lind
Deborah Lipstadt
Peter Longerich
Rolf Lundmark
Henryk Mandelbaum
Ulrich Meinerzhagen
Stefan Meller
Angela Dorothea Merkel
Tomasz Merta
Filip Muller (Supposedly most responsible for the killing of six million ‘Jews’)
Johan Munck
Helmut Mussener
Morton Narrowe
Edvard Nilsson
Svante Nordin
Peter Novick
Miklos Nyiszli (Auschwitz Vomitorium’s favorite ‘authority’ for a while)
Krystyna Oleksy (Deputy Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium)
Richard Overy
Pratibha Devisingh Patil (From India. Stand unclear but used for the Holocaust Extortion Cult)
Pope John Paul II
Robert Jan Van Pelt (A No Hydrant Doctrine architect)
Navi Pillay
Czeslaw Pilichowski (Head of Poland’s Stalinist propaganda machinery)
Francizek Piper (Clandestine Revisionist)
Hans-Gert Pottering
Jean-Claude Pressac (Renegade, Deserter of Exterminationism)
Laurence Rees
Gerald Reitlinger
Andrew Roberts
Mark Roseman
Pawel Sawicki (Stand on Exterminationism obscure but used for the HEC Cult)
Wolfgang Schaeuble
Wolfgang Scheffler
Kurt Schrimm
Fred Schwartz (President and Founder of Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation)
Jan Sehn (Former Nazi Collaborator, then Stalinist, then Turncoat. Possible assassinated while in Germany)
Lennart Selin
Avner Shalev
William Shirer
Radoslaw Sikorski
Gunnar Sillaste
Kazimierz Smolen (Former Nazi Collaborator)
Timothy Snyder
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Teresa Swiebocka
Claus-Christian Szejnmann
Stefan Szende (The Father and Dean of Exterminationism, The Holocaust Extortion Cult)
Leszek Szuster (Head of International Youth Meeting House)
Tadeusz Szymanski (Former Nazi Collaborator)
Birgitta Tegner
Donald Tusk
Jan Urbaniak (Birkenau Stalin guard. Doubter, expressed Revisionist ideas to Ditlieb Felderer totally out of line with Exterminationism)
Manuel Valls
Rudolf Vrba
Kristina Wahlfors

Mark Weber, an Exterminationist and history theologian of IHR.
Jorgen Weibull (Fake ‘historian’ like the Three Stooges, Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, Ian Kershaw, Deborah Lipstadt, Peter Longerich, Laurence Rees, and a slew of others)
Olle Wastberg
Per Wastberg
Simon Wiesenthal
Elie Wiesel
Otto Wolken (An Abortionist and accused medical Raper, see: Ella Lingens)
Jerzy Wroblewski
Herman Zetterberg (Swede, Thought Terrorist (TT), first person to introduce Zionist censorship laws in Europe and used to cover-up the huge Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Committed suicide along with wife)
Brigitte Zypries

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