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Manipulations at Auschwitz again


Study closely the below picture:

Madam Navi Pillay is sitting before the fake ‘gas chamber’ that Stalin put up with Relics and as his Holy Shrine telling the world that here at least Six Million Jews are to have died by the hands of the Jewish Sonderkommando. He never called them Jews. Stalin called them ‘Martyrs’. That means, that Stalin outdid any amount of Martyrs the Christian world ever could match. His number was unique.

At the back of Madam Navi Pillay stands the huge fake Chimney that couldn’t even help to cremate a little mouse. It has no heat channel to the ovens inside and never had. Stalin had put in his four Relic ovens inside his Holy Shrine in 1947-8.

Madam Navi Pillay who is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is a South African of Indian Tamil origin. She visited Auschwitz Vomitorium on 13 October 2013, evidently not realizing she had come to a Stalin fake Hollywood type Communist propaganda place set up by Stalin to cover up his War Crimes and Katyn Massacres.

Madam Navi Pillay is to have stated later the following of her visit:

I visited Auschwitz a few months ago, and I have a simple message for all those who deny that the Holocaust happened, or who engage in anti-Semitism or other forms of religious, racial or ethnic intolerance or discrimination: visit this historic and terrible place. It is a truly humbling and harrowing experience to feel the chill of evil and immense tragedy that permeates its walls and grounds. It is important to feel — not just to know in an abstract way — where such behaviour can lead.

Why did Madam Navi Pillay not inform that the killers of the supposedly Six Million Jews were the Jewish Sonderkommando, such as Filip Muller, who did so for gaining special privileges, such as condoms, women’s underwear, swim at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, visits to the Auschwitz Whorehouse, the Cinema, the Theater, the Library, and dancing to the Jewish Orchestra and Auschwitz Waltz. Notice also she used the hijacked word ‘deny’ in describing her horror. That term was first introduced in such discussions by Ditlieb Felderer, but on whole other grounds with specific details of what ‘denial’ means.

Observe now where she is situated. She is situated right before the Stalin fake Holy Shrine. A total hoax from beginning to end with numerous fake Relics. At her right stands, not the Director of the Auschwitz Vomitorium, Piotr Cywinski, but Leszek Szuster, who is Director of the International Youth Meeting House and who knows well the fakes Stalin put up to cover up his Katyn Massacres and War Crimes.

Directly behind Madam Navi Pillay is the fake lock, supposedly now secretly removed, the fake door with the fake hinges and fake peephole. She is supposed to sign the Visitor’s Book. Seemingly she is totally unaware of, considering her above words, that this place has been faked up. Even the huge chimney standing there, and which is seen at the back, to her left, is a fake. It can’t work. It couldn’t even be used to cremate a little mouse.

Why was Madam Navi Pillay made to sign the Visitor’s Book at this place? At a fake place used by Stalin for his propaganda? None of the Popes were ever invited to this place. In fact, none of the Popes were ever invited to see the fake Stalin Holy Shrine. Why not?

Now let’s move to the next picture. About a month after Madam Navi Pillay’s visit to Auschwitz Vomitorium, United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, visits Stalin’s Auschwitz Vomitorium, on 18 November 2013.

Study now closely this picture. Ban Ki-moon is actually inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine witnessing Stalin’s fake Relics consisting of four fake ovens which can’t work, plus other paraphernalia. He is talking to Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Piotr Cywinski. Is he being told here that what he sees are fakes? And why is he not asked to sign the Visitor’s Book just outside the Corpse Door just as Madam Navi Pillay is to have done?

Now let us study the next picture. This one shows the Secretary-General of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, not signing the Visitor’s Book just outside Stalin’s Holy Shrine with all its fakes, but inside the Block showing Reliefers and their shores. Why was he not asked to do so outside Stalin’s fake building, his Holy Shrine, but here? Was it raining? No, it wasn’t. Looking at him while he signs, stands the Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Piotr Cywinsky, who, when he took over as Director did not have a clue about all the Stalin’s fakes. He had evidently swallowed all of Stalin’s fakes, line, hook, and sinker. He is now stuck with trying to sell Stalin’s cons while holding a serious face under embarrassment of being a con man.

After we disclosed the various stratagems of the sellers of Stalin’s Holy Shrine and his constant contradictory Doctrines, the Hollywood stage artists at Auschwitz Vomitorum have been in constant trouble to harmonize all the Doctrine with their lies. Below you will see a picture of the various helter-skelter manipulations the Auschwitz Vomitorium have been forced to take under an avalanche of scrutinyzing eyes who today use modern technique for their investigative works.

But all this was already shown in 1978, and in the book Auschwitz Exit, on tapes, and in flyers. As Abraham Lincoln said, you can fool all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. 2_55_W98

HERE ARE SOME OF THE MANIPULATIONS DONE WHEN USING THE ‘VISITOR’S BOOK’ IN COVERING UP THE AUSCHWITZ VOMITORUM SCAM: 1. CON ONE: Pilgrims invited to sign at Stalin’s Holy Shrine. 2. CON TWO: Pilgrims invited to sign at the Auschwitz Sport Court where such sports as football was played. Stalin had his Death Wall put there to compete with the Wailing Wall. 3. CON THREE: Pilgrims invited to sign near the Auschwitz Laundry and Theater. 4. CON FOUR: Pilgrims invited to sign inside personal history block.


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