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European Parliament voting day. Revival time is here again!

European Parliament, EP, voting day

Revival time is here again

The scam and scheme of Revivalism

Jerzy Buzek hopes for a better world while supporting Bush Iraq war with his Weapons Of Mass Destruction, and Rendition through Poland for torture; while inviting War Criminal, Ehud Barak, to Poland to discuss weapons sales.

To this day, Poland has refused to give details about its Rendition of ‘enemies’ for Torture.

WHEN WAS AUSCHWITZ ‘LIBERATED’? As soon as Stalin entered Auschwitz on January 27, 1944, he took out his Communist and Nazi Collaborators who then switched over to Communism, as Smolen, Szymanski, Brandhuber, Wasowicz, Czech, and host of others. He now put in his anti-capitalist enemies. Not even in 1945 did things change, nor in 1946. So how can Auschwitz be liberated in 1944? Or in 1945? Or in 1946? Moreover; Stalin deliberately used Auschwitz for his Martyrology to cover up his massive War Crimes and Katyn Massacres.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:59 Minutes


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