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Do politicians get sex-ual pleasures from beating their Voters? The European Parliament scam voting

Do politicians get sex-ual pleasures from beating their Voters? The European Parliament scam voting

The fact of course is, that the voters have absolutely no voice at all except for casting a vote. All things are already decided from top down. Make this simple test: Europe has been involved with several wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, wars in Africa, and all the rest. When did they ever vote in favor of such ambitions created by the Military-industrial complex?

While European politicians do their best to get people to vote for a new bunch of boondogglers for the dictatorial imposed EU which went through by various frauds and deceptions they now propose stringent votes against Twitter and other sources exposing their racketeering.

But this is in fact a cover up of their own criminal and predatory behavior as each one of them are sooner or later seen to use criminal methods for their gain of power. It is all a matter of lining your own pockets and feather your own nests.

This has lead people to ask: Is there some masochistic urge of politicians which cause them demanding for more Censorship? Is it not a matter of being angry of not being able to dupe the citizens as before. Maybe that is why they are so angry over Twitter. Facebook is also included in their choice of hostility even though Facebook itself is known to be an active censor. It is all a matter of the pot calling the kettle black.

Do politicians get some sex urge and pleasure of demanding Censorship of Internet? The Whip is alive and active and some may even enjoy it

Source: El Mundo, 17 May 2014:15
Political investigators are now examining the politicians and political life at close range. Are many of the politicians inflicted with derangement and megalomaniac visions of themselves?


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