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Voting of European Parliament EP for EU and why the corruption must go on

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Voting of European Parliament EP for EU on May 25 and why the corruption must go on

War is Peace

That corruption is beneficial for the Society can be seen thousands of years ago, not the least from the Bible, especially the old Testament. In Bernard de Mandeville’s book The Fable of the Bees or Private Vices, Public Benefits, published in 1714, he shows that crime of all kinds are in fact beneficial for the Society and without them the Society could not function.

Of course all that is behind here, is, that it is a matter of question for new NATO strikes, with our without Drones. And soon we will find NATO in Africa going full speed. War Is Peace indeed.

Then there is of course the question, why we vote? As it is evident it has become for personal reason and gain, it is equally evident it is a vote for NATO and its Auschwitz For War Doctrine that people in fact are voting for. In order to legitimize its Drones and War Crimes and make people forget there isn’t much else they are voting for.

At the same time the big political shots are telling things will come back to the old style once the ‘crisis’ has left Europe. It is the same old music played all over again to bamboozle the public. There is a sucker born every second!

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