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Holocaust Theater – Holocausto Teatro


Holocaust Theater – Holocausto Teatro


Presents first Theatrical Play dealing on Nazi Survivors. If you are a Survivor, or have records of Nazi Survivor Stories send them to us for our Holocaust Theater to:

We make Nazi Survivor stories to reality through Theatrical plays. Come and share with us your unforgettable stories in order Never to Forget the happenings of the past.

Alleged ‘Nazi Survivor’ calls in on WJW850, Merle Pollis Talk Show, 23 September 1982, claiming she was in ‘A’. But where is ‘A’ located? We try to find out by contacting other alleged ‘Nazi Survivors’.

Mystery no more. Nazi Survivor gives the inside on what A is and where it was located. A was a room inside the Brothel, the Whorehouse at Auschwitz and the caller helps us to understand reality.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 6:41 Minutes

Same ‘Nazi Survivor’ as T1Audio calls in giving her testimony about A. A was situation inside the Hitler Nazi Brothel, the Whorehouse at Auschwitz. She confesses what went on there by her helping with washing condoms for reuse.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 8:29 Minutes

Same ‘Nazi Survivor’ as the previous calls in, again giving her strong testimony about A. A was located inside the Hitler Nazi Brothel, the Whorehouse at Auschwitz. She again gives her strong confession on what went on in this mysterious hot place while washing her condoms that Simon Wiesenthal would sell, pretending they were new.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:20 Minutes

Skype cut off the caller but more than 6 minutes are given.
Langauge: English, MP3, Time: 6:24 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 15:31 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 9:11 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 9:37 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 15:01 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 9:57 Minutes

The case of Bomber Longerich and his Final Solution Viagra solution.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 17:29 Minutes

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