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Wikipedia and the method of persecuting dissent in Sweden

Wikipedia and the method of persecuting dissent in Sweden

Sweden’s incredible fight against Radio Islam

Sweden stopped Radio Islam without a reason and in clear violation of United Nations Article 19

Wikipedia, Sweden, Secret acts of persecution
Language: English, MP3, Time: 30:36 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 11:38 Minutes

Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Witchhunter and Thought Terrorist, TT, Lennart Bodstrom, with fanatic secrecy, had Ditlieb Felderer kidnapped and tortured inside Sweden Concentration Camp where he was denied every form of civilized right, and secretly kept inside the dungeon while holding secret Witch Show Trials. By continuous manipulation in cooperation with the Stockholm Main Synagogue, he twisted his vicious assaults to make it look favorable to the Sweden Foreign Office. While he had Ditlieb Felderer tortured he personally visited Amnesty International who then were in a personal fight with their own staff who were demonstrating against their own leaders for demanding executive wages while they worked idealistic for nothing, giving all their time for an honorable cause. Lennart Bodstrom managed in this crucial moment to get the executives of Amnesty International to keep quiet about the torture of Ditlieb Felderer inside various Sweden Concentration Camps.

Thomas Bodstrom, the son of Lennart Bodstrom, became like Herman Zetterberg, an utterly corrupt Justice Minister set out to fight dissent with force, violence, and corruption, just like his father, Lennart Bodstrom did while serving as Sweden’s Foreign Minister. Thomas Bodstrom peddled a whole bunch of lies about Ahmed Rami and Radio Islam and had a SWAT team of armed military assault the home of Ahmed Rami. Lennart Bodstrom set in a corrupt pseudo-policeman, Rajo Boham, and equally corrupt prosecutor, Tora Holst to support Thought Terrorism in Sweden. To this day, the world does not know what ‘evil’ statements were said in Radio Islam to justify these acts of Terrorism done by Sweden’s Justice Minister, Thomas Bodstrom. 156px-Thomas_Bodstrom_252

Thought Terrorist, Witchhunter, TT, Tora Holst, became the first woman Inquisitor and Witchhunter in the world ever in fully supporting Thought Terrorism. She concocted up an avalanche of lies about Radio Islam and Ahmed Rami which she peddled to the Swedish Censorship media in order to help Rabbi Morton Narrowe out in his violent attacks against dissenters and Islam. Like Lennart Bodstrom, she used violence to get her criminal activities through. She got Linda and Larissa Reynolds kidnapped and viciously interrogated them for friend and contacts in direct violation of Article 19 of United Nations.

All while she and her bully Rajo Bohman did this, the victim Witches Reynolds, pleaded with the Inquisitors, to know what crimes they had done to which the Thought Terrorist Inquisitors refused to answer.

To this day she has refused to say what ‘criminal words’ Radio Islam with its editor, Ahmed Rami, are supposed to have said. Censorship follows deep into the Crime Syndicate of Thought Terrorism once its logical conclusion of Limited Censorship are accepted. Holst_254

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