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World’s Most Corrupt Judges: Johan Munck

World’s Most Corrupt Judges: Johan Munck

To Sweden Supreme Court Judge, Pyromaniac racketeering Johan Munck, not only goes as belonging in the record line of World’s Most Corrupt Judges. He also holds a World Record in Book Burning, personally approving the burning of family records, photographs, funeral talks, love letters, and other personal items. This classifies him as an all time Book Burner while at the same time committing Crimes Against Humanity, violator of UN Article 19, and as a hooligan and Thought Terrorist number one.

With the help of Thought Terrorist (TT) friend, Hans Danelius, he dished out contradictory rulings and claims to cover-up all traces of his crimes.

Already in 1993, Palestinian lawyer, Issa Nakhleh, asked how Sweden could incarcerate people inside their Concentration Camps without even a charge being made. The corrupt prosecutor at the time was Torsten Jonsson, a faithful child of the Thought Terrorist, Herman Zetterberg, who introduced the modern Censorship laws in Sweden.

Issa Nakhleh asked in 1993 about Ditlieb Felderer: How can a Swedish democratic government arrest a man and put him in jail before charges are made against him?

Sweden has never given an answer to this question, and the present Government with all its corruption seems to carry on in playing the old same music lest more damaging information leaks out about its colossal corruption done to support the Israel Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), and to support corrupt Censorship laws in order to protect an elite little clique of failed men.

Already in the 1970’s the main Jewish Synagogue in Sweden, at Stockholm, sought to prohibit Ditlieb Felderer’s book, Anne Frank Diary A Hoax. You can read it at:

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