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Wikipedia, El Mundo, Thought Terrorism (TT) and how Wikipedia writers view themselves

Wikipedia, El Mundo, Thought Terrorism (TT) and how Wikipedia writers view themselves

Come and see Thought Terrorism (TT) in action right inside your living room, as told by its holy missionary, Raphael Schutz (Rafi Shotz)

Wikipedia, the dictionary of Thought Terrorism.

How they get you inside their Concentration Camps

Why do we have to tell you how it is done, when they tell you it themselves. Listen to the voice of an insider who makes all this possible: The El Mundo and Revisionist History Affair


They establish secret contacts without leaving traces of their Thought Terrorism (TT). Only, that this time with the El Mundo it failed and their secrecy of Cover Up Men (CUM) affair was brought to the world’s attention.

”…and those of a charlatan criminal who was sent to prison in Austria because of denying the Holocaust really happened.”

Doing Morality Preaching while covering-up the real killers of the Jewish Sonderkommando who organized and carried out the whole Final Solution right inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium.

Here you have the mentality of Wikipedia’s ‘holocaust, Auschwitz, and World War 2 writers. The Zionist problem is simply solved by sending people to jail. Never in history is it been so easy to solve a dilemma for the Holy Cause!

According to El Mundo, Richard Evans of the Three Stooges (TS), and, Ian Kershaw, were very sorry for infringing upon their monopoly of making con history. Maybe they should have taken some of that hot soup given to those Six Million Stalin Martyrs at his Holy Shrine by the Jewish Sonderkommando before being ‘gassed to death’, than to go up that huge chimney. Or, as the story now seems to go, being thrown into the deep water from Trampolines at Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool. Wonder which version they prefer.

Give it another try doctor Raphael Schutz! Next time they will ‘schutz’ you from exposing your great letter. Thank you for doing it! The proof is in the eating of the pudding!

1. Direct contact with political heads. The Einar Aberg and Herman Zetterberg case.
2. The Secret Approach using Media. The claiming that UNESCO in Barcelona is standing behind the work of condemning an author. An indirect approach avoiding contact with heads.
3. The use of police and kidnapping, the Torsten Jonsson and Sweden Foreign Office approach. No written charges exist so no one knows who stands behind the kidnappings and book burning. The prosecutor makes up his own accusations in a Star Chamber Court manner.
4. The David Irving and El Mundo approach. A secret letter is mailed to the editor of El Mundo, condemning David Irving along with those interviewing David Irving along with El Mundo itself, demanding stoppage of contact with David Irving. El Mundo does the right thing. Publish the letter except a paragraph, thus exposing the whole racketeering of Thought Terrorist Raphael Schutz (Rafi Shotz).

Above you find several approaches used by the adepts of the Holocaust Extortion Cult to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Was a letter of this sort also sent to the Wikipedia leadership by the Cult faithfuls?

THE TRUTH IS IN THE EATING OF THE PUDDING: This revealing letter brings interest on Thought Terrorists Richard Evans and Ian Kershaw, who both supported the Censorship of David Irving. Both Thought Terrorists Richard Evans and Ian Kershaw are strong Pissers.

C17 El Mundo, David Irving, Raphael Schutz censorship case.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 21:17 Minutes

Some of the men who started the Holocaust Extortion Cult and whom they do all to keep secret from you. How many of them mentioned the Aryan word, Antisemitic word ‘holocaust?’

Can you name the founders of the Holocaust Extortion Cult from these faces. None used ‘holocaust’ in founding the Cult. Only one person in the pictures did. But he did not create the Cult, only sold it.


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