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Wikipedia and the manipulation of justice and courts to write State licensed history

Wikipedia and the manipulation of justice and courts to write State licensed history

The case of the Sweden Show Trial against Ditlieb Felderer at the hands of the corrupt Sweden prosecutor Torsten Jonsson

Sweden puts people inside Concentration Camps without formal charges

Accused Ditlieb Felderer was denied see the accusations against him

No one has seen any supposed ‘accusation’ to this day. All accusations were made up in Star Chamber Court manner by State Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson himself!

Ditlieb Felderer denied the use of State approved lawyers to defend him and asked for a colored man to serve as lawyer. This was denied, and a Government Zionist stooge ‘defender’ was forced upon him by name of Ingemar Folke

The Kangaroo Show Trial went partly before a Political appointed jury who were selected by their belonging to political parties, all who were against the assailed victim, Ditlieb Felderer

Here is part of that Justice Crime committed by Sweden, thus, in violation of fundamental civil rights such as UN Article 19 which Sweden had signed, while at the same time committing Crime Against Humanity


For the Anne Frank Drug Cult hoax see:

The purported ovens which Stalin’s Jewish Sonderkommando used for liquidating their Martyrs and function. Poland scientist Jerzy Buzek should know this as you can’t even cremate a little mouse inside these fake ovens

Wikipedia Censorship Case

Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:10 Minutes

Wikipedia Ditlieb Felderer case

Language: English, MP3, Time: 17:53 Minutes

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