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Wikipedia used for persecuting and imprisoning innocents



You are interested in history. And you want to find out information. Be aware you are being spied upon. Wikipedia is used today as aid in imprisoning people who have questions on History. You are a target by the predatories of the Holocaust Extortion Cult who use Wikipedia as a tool for collecting further Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Five years prison term is waiting for you in Germany. Two years in Sweden, with its corrupt Politicians taking over your home, your wife, and children.

Already in 1993 the Simon Wiesenthal Zionist Gang went to Barcelona, Spain, supposedly invited to a UNESCO gathering to talk about Ditlieb Felderer. In order to hide their Zionist intentions they used Islam as a vehicle for their lies. They now stated before the media, making it out that UNESCO stood behind it, that, Ditlieb Felderer, whom the meeting was supposedly about, was selling literature and videos on how to kill Islam people. As proof of this, they did not give one piece of evidence. The media as usual swallowed the whole thing. The rest is history.

This is the regular modus operandi of the Simon Wiesenthal Zionist gang who use their Holocaust Extortion Cult to brainwash and cajole corrupt politicians to line up for their racist cause.

Below you see a notice of what transpired with this Barcelona meeting published in the German Zionist paper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 20 April 1993. Later on, UNESCO informed Ditlieb Felderer that their meeting at Barcelona had nothing to do with Ditlieb Felderer. All had been made up by the Simon Wiesenthal gang as they came to Barcelona. UNESCO asked for excuse and said that henceforth they be on the watch for fake acts such as these. Ditlieb is spelt wrongly by the German article.

IMG_0053_2 Focus is now being put on Wikipedia: Did the Simon Wiesenthal Zionist gang also fool the Wikipedia people making them get special privileges to dish out their Auschwitz Zionist propaganda which were in fact started by Stalin to over up his War Crimes and Katyn Massacres?


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