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Wikipedia manipulated by the Holocaust Extortion Cult adepts

Wikipedia manipulated by the Holocaust Extortion Cult adepts

Einar Aberg was one of the first in Sweden to suspect Stefan Szende was making up fake stories such as his 5 million massacred ‘Jews’, the claim of incredible trains to Belzec and the existence of some form of swimming pool tanks into which people were electrocuted, and Stefan Szende’s claim that Jews survived by putting onto their Circumcised Penis a fresh new Foreskin.

For Einar Aberg’s skepticism of Stefan Sznde; Einar Aberg, was now put on the no wanted list by newly arrived Jews to USA, who took the American oath of no to Limited Censorship but broke the oath at once when coming to Sweden and demanded its Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, to introduce stringent Censorship laws in favor of Zionism and the incarceration or heavy fines on writers violating Jewish Supremacy.

Later on Einar Aberg also criticized the Anne Frank Diary and was one of the first one to do so. See:

In order to try to explain why so many Jews had survived Hitler’s alleged wanting to get hold of them, Stefan Szende came up with the idea that it was not because of their collaboration with Hitler, and Nazism, because, of course, Communists do no such things, but, because they had put a new Foreskin onto their Penises so Hitler couldn’t detect them.
anne frank and stefan szendee_2_229

The Witchhunting of Einar Aberg by Zionists and similarities with Wikipedia’s Censorship of Revisionist writers
Language: English, MP3, Time: 15:30 Minutes

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