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The method of writing bogus history article by Wikipedia in use for imprisoning people

The method of writing bogus history article by Wikipedia in use for imprisoning people

History that is now written with prime sources is as a rule rubbish and propaganda. And as a rule used for specific purposes. Such as as in this case when Wikipedia uses Zionist Cult propagandists for writing ‘history’ about Auschwitz and World War 2.

Do this easy comparison. Read the below article published already in 1979 Auschwitz Exit/
Observe how the article gives exact details with prime sources. After reading it go to Wikipedia and read their articles such as those on Auschwitz, Holocaust Denial, and related material. You will see at once the Wikipedia writers are out for dishing Zionist propaganda once you are aware of their modus operandi which we have shown here in thousands of cases.
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1. Here names are given of people actually living at Auschwitz and Birkenau.
2. Even their numbers are given.
3. Their specific status are given.
4. Gardeners were active at Birkenau. How does that harmonize with Exterminationism? Why have gardeners when the intention was to gas them at once?
5. Why were these gardeners not used by Stalin for his various trials to prove gassing at Birkenau? One answer would be, that by this time gassing were not claimed to have done at Birkenau but at Auschwitz.
6. Why were none of the others used as witnesses against Commandant Rudolf Hoss and others?
7. Why were none of these used as witnesses in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials?
8. How do all these sport activities, as football and volley ball harmonize with the Doctrine of Exterminationism?
9. How does all this friendly and harmless team playing harmonize with Exterminationism?
10. Why was the Ernst Zundel trial in Canada the first trial in English where attention to these facts came to light?
11. Why do the Wikipedia writers, presumably belonging to the Holocaust Extortion Cult hide these facts in their articles, citing sources which in most cases have nothing to do with the relative questions and by people who don’t even have an interest in the discussion?
12. Why have none of these Wikipedia ‘experts’ shown Ditlieb Felderer wrong? Or called him up and let Ditlieb Felderer record their objections for an objective history to the public? The time is for proof as the proof is in the eating of the pudding.
13. Why does Wikipedia not inform that they are against Limited Censorship which are implemented by the Thought Terrorists (TT), THE Cover Up Men (CUM), and which are used by various States as Germany and Sweden to imprison, torture, and abuse writers for the mere sake of doubting?
14. While it is not stated so, are we wrong in stating that all these Wikipedia ‘experts’ are TT and CUM men? Using the Internet as help for imprisoning and persecuting people?
15. Did these Cult induced people have special meetings, or meeting with the Wikipedia people?
16. Should we be surprised of such a meeting when such type of a meeting for manipulating the Media was already done in 1943, Starting with Stefan Szende, and then the American Zionist Jews with their secret contacts with Sweden Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg?
17. Why do none of these article inform the public that to question what they write would lend you 5 years jail in Germany and two years jail in Sweden?

Those wanting to get into the history controversy, consult:
On the Anne Frank Diary Drug Cult consult

Language: English, MP3, Time: 7:30 Minutes


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