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Wikipedia articles used to imprison writers

Wikipedia articles used to imprison writers?

Who are the people who stand behind these slanted and bigoted articles on Auschwitz, Holocaust Denial, and related matters?

Wikipedia refuses to disclose their names for very good reason. These people write their articles to cover-up the massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) perpetrated by Zionists upon their critics and doubters.

A ‘Doubter’ would give you 5 years jail in Germany. Two years jail in Sweden. Heavy fines in France. Or they have the police to invade you home and steal your money accusing you for writing against Wikipedia.

See below article on the oven of Auschwitz. They were put there by Stalin for his Holy Shrine and Six Million Dead Martyrs Doctrine. These four ovens can’t function. They couldn’t even cremate a little mouse. Yet if you said this you would get 5 years jail in Germany thanks to Wikipedia.

WIKIPEDIA HAS NEVER DENOUNCES CENSORSHIP: There is not only record of Wikipedia ever denouncing Limited Censorship as Europe has. USA by its Constitution and First Amendments condemns Limited Censorship for being a peace of trash, which it is.

Read the below article now on the Stalin ovens. That would land you 5 years in jail although everyone knows the article is correct.


Wikipedia used for Censorship C11
Language: English, MP3, Time: 10:55 Minutes

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