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United Nations adopts Antisemitic word ‘Holocaust’ to fight Antisemitism

United Nations adopts Antisemitic Aryan word ‘Holocaust’ to fight Antisemitism

Word ‘Holocaust’ found in the Christian Bible, such as Mark 12:33, and means in cryptic Christian mysticism, Jesus Christ offering himself up fully, or the act of the Penis moving up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do.

The Greek Septuagint translates the Hebrew ‘Olah’ with ‘holocaust’. The Greek Septuagint was used by Jehovah worshiping Jews who had forgotten Hebrew

Holocaust is Antisemitism C5
United Nations adopts Antisemtic Arian sex word ‘Holocaust’ to express ‘Genocide’ when the word ‘Holocaust’ means the direct opposite
Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:10 Minutes

The word ‘Holocaust’ is a Orwellian Newspeak word and has absolutely nothing do do with a Jewish or anyone else extermination as required by the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism dogma. The word Hollocaust stems from the nature worshiping Cult of Phallicism totally foreign to a Jewish extermination as required by their Jehovah sex God, the Mighty and Erect Penis In the Sky

Here are the men who created the Holocaust Extortion Cult

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