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How to become a history expert and give the Final Solution KO to the ‘Holocaust Extortion Cult’ religious fraternity

How to become a history expert and give the Final Solution KO to the ‘Holocaust Extortion Cult’ religious fraternity

History Come To Life C3
Language: English, MP3, Time: 2:20

Throughout the years we have published thousands of Material Evidence proof to aid real historians and stayed away from fabricating fiction in order to suit a money crazed Cult be that of political or religious type. This is also the reason why we have never been challenged by Cult adepts as they know we are doing our job well in finding out historical facts and sifting facts from fiction.

With the help of photography, foot work, and using modern technique we have walked over hurdles that were put in the way to misdirect, mislead, and tire out investigators.

Get hold of The Ball Report – Auschwitz exposed. Concentration camps drawn from WW 2 air photos, one of the many tools available to get at the Smoking Gun and avoid getting trapped into Wailing Wall testimonies often made by people with some mental derangement or simply the urge of making money and fame at the cost of facts and truth.

Below you see a map done by Mr Ball that will help you do the job of an expert investigator who is ready to strip bare the Cult of Stalin Martyrology whose fiction is the basis of the business made history of World War 2.

Unless firmly backed by Material Evidence, Holocaust Survivor Testimony are worthless to the serious Historian.

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