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Auschwitz Conjectural Location Doctrine / Argument



The below Map of Auschwitz taken from a Stalin Communist source was published in Auschwitz Exit, 1979
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A conclusion deduced by surmise, guesswork, and, or deception

The Merle Pollis Buchenwald test case

For us you are presuming place. That is, you are presumable there purely on basis of your word. You may be out for deception, money racketeering, or pure megalomania.

How to deal with conjuring, magic and deception of people claiming themselves to be ‘Survivor’ or ‘Holocaust Survivors’.

The Merle Pollis – Buchenwald Test Case

Talk Show on WJW850, at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 23 September 1982, between Merle Pollis, Ditlieb Felderer, and an alleged ‘Holocaust Survivor’.

‘A’ phones in claiming to be a ‘Survivor’ . Without going in on what a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ is supposed to be, our interest of focus is the location. We are now in the year of 1982, but even this late, the word ‘Holocaust’ had still not set in firmly.

‘A’ claims to be at Auschwitz then switches over to Buchenwald, then claims Auschwitz again to be the place.

Specific location given is ‘A’. But where is location ‘A’? At Buchenwald or Auschwitz? And where at Auschwitz?

Claimant mentions a Swimming Pool. That would place her, if Auschwitz is right, presumably at Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp.

Claimant ‘A’ cannot give further details about her place at Auschwitz.

Coming so far with the Auschwitz Conjectural Location Doctrine the women is caught in what appears to be an act of deceiving.

Conjurer ‘A’ is now left with two choices in order not to yet further expose her own need location conjuring to justify the swindle of the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

At this stage she can proceed and thereby exposing herself wide open by further invention of Place Conjuring, or, she can get angry and thereby try to put the culpability of her deception onto what she intended to be her victim, namely Ditlieb Felderer. Possible she had done this before to other people and succeeded due to that most people are unaware of the geographic locations.

Pension Fraud Claimant involved with Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), ‘A’, chose the more safe alternative by attacking the investigator Ditlieb Felderer, and was helped out by supporter Merle Pollis.

Claimant ‘A’ has conjured up her location for her own use of fake pension claims.

Holocaust Survivor Fakes and Deception C2

Language: English, MP3, Time: 15:36 Minutes

Below you see a further test with the Secret Doctrine on the Auschwitz Conjectural Location Doctrine / Argument.

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