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First mention of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in the Media


First mention of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in the Media

The first mention of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool by the Media seems to be dated 23 September 1982 in a discussion between Merle Pollis of radio station WJW850 and Ditlieb Felderer at Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Prior to this, information about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool appeared in Auschwitz Exit along with other sport activities done at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

When a woman caller was asked about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool by Merle Pollis, listeners were surprised to hear that the claimed ‘Holocaust Survivor’ not only agreed to its existence but also told Merle Pollis she was taken there using claims similar to Stefan Szende about Belzec where Szende claims some sort of a pool using electricity was used. Stefan Szende seems to be the originator of the Final Solution Doctrine.

In spite of that the woman ‘testifier’ claims Auschwitz had a Swimming Pool the Media insisted on that this was not the case, and so was argued by the Exterminationists at the Canada Ernst Zundel Witch Trial in 1985. When the Canadian Globe and Mail published a photo of it in March 1, 1985:7, the Holocaust Deniers (HD) claimed the photo was faked.

This Denial continued in the Canada Ernst Zundel Witch Trial of 1988, and, in a New York Times article by John F Burns of March 30, 1988:7, it made the presence of such a Swimming Pool preposterous. The Swimming Pool seems not to have been mentioned or very little so at the David Irving libel trial against Deborah Lipstadt. David Irving lost the case against Deborah Lipstadt with sentence against David Irving on 11 April 2000.

Most of the wind of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, went out, when Ditlieb Felderer again published material about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool on the Internet resulting in making fools of such ‘history experts’ as the Three Stooges Evans, Longerich, Pelt, along with Christopher Browning, Laurence Rees and all the rest of the Holocaust Deniers (HD); and all of the media praised Thought Terrorists (TT).

Today with Exterminationist Apologetics virtually dead, the Holocaust Extortion Cult adepts seem to have decided the best weapon is silence, and so try their best in keeping the Auschwitz Swimming Pool as far away as possible lest even more of the public discover the racketeering predatory behavior of the Pension Fraud Crimes (PF) Cult Faithfuls.

TAKEN IN THE HEIGHT OF GLORY ALL COHABITING BEFORE THE WAILING WALL: In 1982 when this Talk Show was made, Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult was riding in the height of glory. Few believed the Cult had its days numbered. But in reality, it has always been a dead horse. Ditlieb Felderer can’t remember one single case when he has openly been challenged by the Holocaust Extortion Cult faithfuls about his findings. This Talk Show was the closest he ever got. The Cult adepts habitually all run away as fast as they can preferring to peddle their Cult to weak vessels.

Below is a short clip of the alleged ‘Holocaust Survivor’ woman’s answer when Merle Pollis asked her about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Radio WJW850 program sent on September 23, 1982 at Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


IMG_0082_2_2 The New York Times article of March 30, 1988:7, denying the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was bad for Ernst Zundel as John Burns put Ernst Zundel fabricating a hoax.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:28 Minutes

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