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The first exposure on the Media of the Holocaust Extortion Cult


Ditlieb Felderer confronts fake stories preached by members of the Holocaust Extortion Cult

Merle Pollis 1
Language: English, MP3, Time: 7:08 Minutes

This appears to be the first ever in the public Media exposing of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, by confronting preachers of that Cult with the facts of the Material Evidences for this bewildered Cult which this woman adept provides ample testimony of.

The first general media talk on the Holocaust Extortion Cult between critics dealing on the extent of Material Evidence proof was likely that by Robert Faurisson and Arthur Butz who performed together exposing the racket.
But this one between Exterminationist Merle Pollis and Revisionist Ditlieb Felderer was the first one confronting and challenging the Faithfuls of the Holocaust Extortion Cult.

It was made over 30 years ago at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on WJW850, on 23 September 1982. After the talk a bomb squad came to the station as someone had threatened to have planted explosives, or blow the station up. It was then voted as the best show for some time.

Now, after 30 years a revival of interest has been turned on this historic event and the complete talk show can be heard by clicking ‘Merle Pollis’.

This seems to be the first time when an alleged ‘Holocaust Survivor’ agreed to that Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp had a Swimming Pool. Like Stefan Szende she claims a pool was used for killing, evidently meaning the alleged ‘Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine’.

When coming back to Sweden, its corrupt Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, and the Sweden Foreign Office, had Ditlieb Felderer put inside Concentration Camp for uttering his opinions. That was, after the Zionists had performed several terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer.

Merle Pollis seems to have died on February 28, 2006, at age 69.


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  1. It seemes that with all decepted people around the world,, who in one way or onother belive in the holocoust or the extermination cult, will by doing good to each other instead make thing worse for one another.If we have to live with this hoax for some more years we will all be nuts and also live like nuts and we will destroy one another.and noone will be saved.

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