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What we can learn from the visit of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, to former Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp

What we can learn from the visit of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, to former Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp

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Should we believe every story that is being told to us? And, how can we believe them when facts staring right before our noses tell otherwise? Preview of “Blank”_2_2_2

Witchhunting_broom6 A state created on the basis of massive Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), Israel, is today using Auschwitz Vomitorium as an excuse for extorting huge sums of money and benefits from Europe, doing so without one shred of proof of their Holocaust Extortion Cult.

746 On 13 October 2013 Madam Navi Pillay visited Stalin’s Auschwitz Vomitorium where it was claimed that most of those 6 million Martyrs had died there. That their bodies were cremated inside the four ovens and then ”went up the huge Chimney outside”. Madam Pillay is seen here in front of Stalin’s Holy Shrine which Stalin altered to make Pilgrims believe his war propaganda. Stalin did so to cover up his War Crimes, Crime Against Humanity, and his massive Katyn Massacres where he killed thousands of Poles, many who had been at Auschwitz.

The Cult of Exterminationism has been used to blackmail Europe and make them succumb to outrageous Jewish fables all to get easy money from its citizens. The whole infra structure of Israel has been payed by Europe and Israel also hopes such Reparations will be extracted from Islam countries. Preview of “M”

Europe’s leading power brooms, none of the Democratically chosen, and often totally corrupt; have peddled the most outrageous Exterminationist claims without considering for a moment the reality of their Doctrines, or their origin; such as the various spin offs of the Door Doctrine. As an example take Jerzy Buzek, one of the supporters of the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult. The Jewish Sonderkommando are supposed to have lead their Six Million Martyrs through a door, into a special room and then killed their Jewish and other victims such as Jehovah’s Witnesses off; in some mysterious way. Although supposedly having killed millions, none of the Jewish Sonderkommando were ever charged, let alone looked for! West Germany even invited Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller to get out of Communist DDR and was give a huge pension, plush home, and all the luxuries West Germany could offer. Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, is like Hermann Langbein and others, to have frequently used the Auschwitz Brothel at Block 24.
Preview of “;”_28

But not all have been taken in so easily as Jerzy Buzek. Some such as Iran’s Ahmedinejad wisely questions the Holocaust Extortion Cult. Just take the case of the fake ovens and the huge Chimney of Stalin’s Holy Shrine on which the HEC Cult is built upon but which have proven a Rock of Gibraltar sunk into the deep waters below. These ovens couldn’t even cremate a little mouse.
Preview of “G”

Only a quick inspection of Stalin’s Holy Shrine should make us suspicious. As in the case of the crazy handle on the supposed killing Corpse door. Here the Jewish Sonderkommando supposedly took their Martyrs through the door without the Martyrs realizing one blooming thing. Reason was, according to Stalin, the Martyrs of Jews trusted the Jewish Sonderkommando so much, the Martyrs could be made to believe anything. Evidently they had all the skills of a Bernard Madoff. Really here is something radically wrong. All looks more like a Hollywood stage place than a building supposedly used in killing some 6 million Stalin Martyrs. And the Auschwitz directors, Szymanski, Smolen, Brandhuber, Czech, Wasowicz, Langbein, and others, saw, heard, and smelt nothing! In spite of that they were just opposite overlooking the alleged Holy Shrine where some Six Million ‘went up the chimney!’ And neither did the Jehovah’s Witnesses who were working at the place, in the garden, and placing flowers all around the Relief Camp.
Preview of “i”_44

Not the least suspicion is aroused within us when we observe the constant changing of Doctrines to suit the occasion and time. Each Doctrine is religiously claimed to be the Gospel Truth when launched, infallible and irrevocable, yet soon the latest ‘Gospel Truth’ gets changed around with yet another ‘Gospel Truth’, as if it all is a matter of putting on the latest model costume.
Preview of “h”_64

THE DOOR THROUGH WHICH THE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO TOOK THEIR SIX MILLION SOON TO BECOME MARTYRS. This door called the Corpse Door by history investigators, was supposed to be the authentic original door to Stalin’s Holy Shrine. Yet it was secretly taken away and a new door put in its place without informing the Pilgrims. Where this ‘original’ Relic door is today nobody seems to know. How can ‘authentic’ museum Relics have so little value they are just tossed into the garbage whenever a new Doctrine is fabricated to cover up the failures of past Doctrines?
Preview of “W”_6

Madam Navi Pillay is here seen inside the football grounds between Block 10 and 11. Here the Reliefers, many of the Jewish Sonderkommando, used to play competition soccer. She is heading to places some religious symbolism at the Auschwitz Vomitorium Wailing Wall. A fabrication of Stalin. Little does Madam Navi Pillay know that the building to her left, was; the former Maternity Ward, Block 10, where thousands of kids were born. No wonder, as this would put into question Stalin’s Six Million Martyr claim. Just some distance away Stalin claimed Martyrs were exterminated in the millions by the Jewish Sonderkommando, and here, where Madam Pillay is standing, children were born! And all this which the Jewish Orchestra played their Auschwitz Waltz and other music! And where dances went on. And the Jewish Sonderkommando used the Brothel at Block 24, just beside the huge Kitchen, the largest building inside the Relief Camp!

United Nations Madam Navi Pillay seems to be in blissful ignorance that Auschwitz Vomitorum is being used for the new war Doctrine the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, replacing the old Domino Doctrine or Theory. How can a place used as an excuse for war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now Russia, be used as a place for ‘peace’. This is nothing but George Orwell come true when he stated WAR IS PEACE.
Preview of “;”_26
Preview of “a”_79

The Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, is standing on such shaky ground no one any longer seems to know where is the back and where is the front. Once upon a time the back was the front. What will be next? That Stalin’s Six Million Martyrs entered with the help of the Jewish Sonderkommando through the windows. Or, why not the huge chimney? And now some claim due to all this confusion, in reality it was at the Swimming Pool where all those massive killings went on, thus bringing back Stefan Szende from the grave with his Belzec mass extermination claim.
Preview of “6”_27

But all this mystery is cleared up when we start to realize reality. That it is money that is behind all this. One racket goes. Another racket steps in. That is what the selling of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism is all about.
Preview of “Welcome 3”_125
Preview of “Welcome 13”_14

In spite of the fact that the Jewish Sonderkommando administrated the whole ‘killing operation’ from start to finish, none of them have ever been charged! One simply made them into ‘victims’ instead of the perpetrators of the Six Million killing.


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