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What is Semenology



Semenology is the claim that the Semen of the Twelve Tribes, the Tribes of Israel of the Bible constitute Supremacy and that the Tribal Jehovah Cult Jews have, not only an obligation, but a God ordained duty and a must to rule the World (Isaiah 60). They are his ‘Chosen People’, hence the Scofieldite Doctrine of ‘chosenness.’ Woe to him who criticizes the racist Jehovah’s God’s claim of Supremacy, be that of himself as Lord, or of those whom he dictates, his willing Chosen slave race (Zechariah 2:8).

250px-727The belief that evil spirits, demons would leave their Semen inside sleeping women has its origin in the Devil having sex with Eve.

220px-636Incubus was the belief that evil male spirits had sex with women in their sleep leaving their Semen inside them.


The Holy Bible is filled with such Jehovistic Supremacist teachings. The very Selection claim of a Messiah, a Christ, glaringly exposes this Jehovah worship as nothing but the lowest form of Barbarism ever invented by primitive man in its most vile and superstitious form.

Moses and Aaron tolerated no rivalry because Jehovah tolerated no rivalry, Numbers 25:10-13

Chosen People, Chosenness, Exclusiveness, Supremacy: Genesis 12:3; Isaiah 5:1-7; Amos 3:2

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