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Dentistry at Auschwitz and Doctor Josef Mengele

Dentistry inside Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp

Doctor Josef Mengele and his school of Dentistry


When Sweden’s corrupt politicians put me inside their Concentration Camp for the first time I sought to discover the similarities between their Concentration Camps, those of Israel’s, and those of Germany. As I had problems with my teeth I decided to test the qualities between these three Totalitarian systems to kidnap people and put dissenters inside Concentration camps.

So I asked for the possibilities of getting my tooth fixed. The proof is in the eating of the pudding. No way was this possible. Absolutely not was the answer. How could I even think of this?

Now having read and heard about Dentistry inside Auschwitz Relief Camp I had something to go by. Whereas it was impossible in Sweden at Auschwitz Relief Camp teeth were regularly fixed by the best dentists available who had volunteered for the task. In fact, those Reliefers coming there were encouraged to do so.

Not only that, there was even a Dentistry School there for inmates to learn the trade. Now what a difference. Here we were in 1982 and getting your tooth fixed was out of the question. While in the midst of war at Auschwitz in Poland this was not only possible, but you were encouraged to do so! Were we regressing back to the Stone Age, perhaps?

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    • Yes, and at Auschwitz Relief Camp dentistry was free and safe. There served the best of Jewish dentists there was, none of them charged for conspiracy or aiding in the Six Million Dead.

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