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World’s Most Famous Pyromaniacs 1

Agneta Isborn Lind




Sweden Agneta Isborn Lind is world famous for her being one of the world’s most famous Pyromaniacs and Book Burner (BB). She is one of the leading Thought Terrorists, TT, in Europe. She is also the person who became the first person in Europe to get a Human Rights activist incarcerated because she did not like his translation of a word. Not even in the Dark Ages did man went that far. As help in her Thought Terrorism she got a possible insane professor, a Helmut Mussener, to agree; who, then seemingly went to a Porno shop. Got hold of a word meaning rag, and then decided Agneta Isborn Lind must be right.

She destroyed in Fahrenheit 451 fire operations thousands of family photos and documents from Ditlieb Felderer, even having her corrupt Witch Hunter police Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin invading his home, stealing things such as his food, even drinking up 24 cans of beer as if they were suffering from lack of money. Musical instruments vanished never to be found again. They then used his home for pleasure orgy acts and stole further material. All these acts go under Crime Against Humanity. The Sweden corrupt officials then gave her a prominent well paying position where she then complained that people were afraid to witness in Sweden courts. No wonder! You can read all about her criminal acts, her crimes and corruption, Crime Against Humanity, her Fahreheit 451 burnings, and acts of Terrorism and violence to curtail Free Speech in order to protect corrupt political officials all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.

A Pure Book Burner, PBB, is one who concentrates, not in the torturous burning of farms, horses, cows, chicken, dogs, dog puppies, lambs, pigs, house pets, cows, and other defenseless animals, but concentrates in burning books, Bibles, religious books, historical records, baby food instructions, children’s songs, family photos, love letters, funeral speeches, baby recipes, food recipes, cookbooks, doctor’s prescriptions, sport guides, yoga sports, jogging books, fish recipes, poetry, nature drawing, paintings of animals, homes, nature and families, music composers of hymns and songs of joy, dance music, and music of praise.

END JUSTIFY MEANS. BIBLICAL PRINCIPIUM NOW STATE PRECEPT. JEHOVAH THE CONSUMING FIRE—Hebrews 12:29. The modern State has taken over the old Church principium that the State has to persecute and burn out of saving souls and to continue on the Wrath of God Doctrine, that to please him fires have to be kindled to extirpate the Sins of man.

Flugblatt mit der Verbrennung einer angeblichen Hexe, die
1531 mit dem Teufel die Stadt Schiltach verbrannt haben soll

Pyromania within State officials and how sick people of these kinds enter into Authority to do Violence and acts of Terrorism.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 14:04 Minutes

Does the Bible infect people to do Pyromania? According to the Bible even Animals are sinful and had to die in Noah’s Flood. Instead of getting youth involved with physical events, they get bogged down with Wailing Wall miseries giving them the urge to torch anything in sight, even defenseless animals who have done them no wrong.


You can read more about the utterly corrupt Swedish politicians and their Crime Against Humanity at: ”Sweden at War and in Censorship”, of 26 August 2012. Once the Swedish corrupt politicians with the help of their corrupt police and judiciary have carried out their terrorist act they never dare to answer for them. He hopes their Crimes Against Humanity will be over and forgotten by an endless amount of new crimes, a never ending chain of terror.

LEGALIZED STATE KILLING. Sweden State supported assassin threatening caller informs Ditlieb Felderer he will be liquidated for criticism of Zionism. Hate and death call made 21 March 1979. The caller belonged inside the Agneta Isborn Lind Terrorist team:

Assassin threatening Deputy of Rabbi Morton Narrowe calls Ditlieb Felderer stating he has already been found guilty without a trial even having started, not even a contact with police:

Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 44 Seconds
Deputy to Sweden main Synagogue, Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, tells Ditlieb Felderer in Swedish he HATES Ditlieb Felderer, a borderless hate, thus, Hate Without Borders.

C960    A PYROMANIAC AND FRIEND OF BOOK BURNER AGNETA ISBORN LIND SCREECHING ARSON AGAINST ALL INVESTIGATORS AND CRITICS.  The birth of early Jihadism. The arson deputy to Sweden’s Stockholm American Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, shouts in Swedish to Ditlieb Felderer his material will be burned up. At the fires of Smithfield when such people as Bartholomew Legate and Edward Wightman were burned up, reason texts such as Hebrews 12:29 were given: God is consuming fire. It was a honor to be burned up! The Fanatic Zionists threatens with extreme hate in Swedish, violently screaming ”Det skall brannas!”, which means in English “It will be burned”.


C1084    The same audio in Swedish as C960 but the Book Burner, BB, Terrorist’s voice is repeated 16 times in order to get the full echo thrust  of his turbo terrorism, violent acts. This was told Ditlieb Felderer long before police ever visited him. And in fact, several arson attacks were made showing the arson fire threatener was not telling jokes. Evidently pyromaniac acts of Old Testament is a common ingredient of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, in order to cover up their Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. The deputy of sedition American rabbi, Morton Narrowe, screams out in full arson hate ”Det skall brannas”, meaning ”It will be burned” which is heard a full 16 times in order to bring the full Zionist hate to the fore. Both the Swedish Supreme Court under Johan Munck, and European Union, with its court at Strasbourg, felt such arson hate was the most beautiful words ever uttered from  a devout Jew.

C1082   About Reparation, Wiedergutmachen. This is the same voice as C1081 but with three repeats of the MOSSAD Wrath Of God mercenary operator. Ditlieb Felderer is asked about his support of the Pension Fraud Crimes, the PFC, the world’s largest money racket. Until now this is regarded the first audible record on the Zionist extortion racket of their Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. The corrupt Swedish prosecutor Agneta Isborn Lind and her friends are to have had frequent contact with the assassin threatening caller and his team of liquidators, deliberating with them on how to assassinate all critics of Zionism. The Zionist Wrath Of God, WOG, assault team, was later given a center for themselves where they could freely deliberate and plan their next Terrorist act, situated at the central office of Forum For Levande Historia at Stockholm in Sweden.


A clip with the voice of the Deputy of the Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm where he informs of Zionists’ Final Solution plan to Ditlieb Felderer that Islam people will all be exterminated because the ball is now in the hands of the Jews. The Deputy brags of having very close contacts with Swedish politicians, their courts, and police.

The State, the System Of Things, is often the largest Pyromaniac. The Case of Sweden State prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 7:57 Minutes


World's Most Famous Pyromaniacs


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