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What about the TRAINS to Auschwitz? Are they nothing but a continuation of the Witches and their Broom rides?

What about the TRAINS to Auschwitz? Are they nothing but a continuation of the Witches and their Broom Rides?


After having closely studies the trains at Auschwitz, Belzek, Lublin, Sobibor, Treblinka, and elsewhere, I came to the conclusion that the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, with all their alleged millions of so called ‘Jews’ being transported have striking similarities to the alleged Broom Rides to some distant nowhere in past Witch folklore and the stories from Witch Trials.

Another frequent means of travel in Witch folklore was by means of goats to get to their Final Solution destination. Here interestingly enough, the Witch is sitting backward on the goat:

276_177px-Champion_des_dames_Vaudoises As I for days watched the trains in Poland and their real practical use, not the least at Auschwitz itself, I discovered there that the Witches on their Booms was a much more sophisticated way of travel than the tedious train mechanism that I saw at Poland where I was told millions of people were transported via such arduous means.

Hilberg_369 The trouble with such people as Raul Hilberg, and to that could be added all the Exterminationists; is, their unpractibility and out of reality vision. They seem to make up their tales in a dream world where all means of practical uses are thrown out the window and where riding on Brooms is the only solution to the fiction world they live in.

The joy of Ramping, taking the Wailing Wall out of Holocaust Extortion Cult at the Birkenau entrance train gate

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