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Sweden’s Conspiracy Against Islam 1

Sweden’s Conspiracy Against Islam 1
The process of making Islam pay Reparation, extortion money, for Israel
The Witch Show Trial Against Ahmed Rami was a prelude for making Islam pay huge Reparations to Israel. Zionist and Swedish strategy and the range of success for the Extortion. The listener should be aware of that Germany has already payed millions in Reparation, Extortion money to Israel, based on Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium and the fiction of Six Million Dead Jews.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 23:31 Minutes

Jury Trial Groll_348Both Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami who were declared Witches by Sweden went through this door to their Witch Show Trials. Both faced the utterly corrupt Judge, Lennart Groll, an active Zionist agent who later also falsely accused Christer Pettersson to have killed Olof Palme. The whole Jury Trial has been condemned as a ‘criminal court’ throughout the whole world for its selection of Political thugs to serve as ‘jury’. It serves nothing else but instigating Apartheid and Racism onto a country but the reason is to stigmatize critics and dissenters from voicing opinion and to make them persons non grata in the society. It is also a flagrant Violation of Article 19 and centers on massive religious persecution.

746_6000000-jews-ussr-need-america-1921It is an undeniable fact that it was a ring of American Sedition extortionist Jews who brought Censorship to Modern Europe, yet it is made up it was Islam which had nothing to do with it. The Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine is old as moss, and brought out again when needed for an uncritical crowd.

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