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Similarities of Jesus ‘Upper Room’ and Stalin’s Auschwitz Holy Shrine: Both hoaxes!

Similarities of Jesus ‘Upper Room’ and Stalin’s Auschwitz Holy Shrine: Both are hoaxes!



How much of the Easter story can we depend on?

Today we can photograph and study many of the Stalin claimed ‘proofs’, such as the LOCK, DOORS, ROOMS, PEEPHOLE, CHIMNEY, VENTS, etc., of the Auschwitz Vomitorium. How much can that be said about Jesus Christ. In reality we don’t have one house to photograph. There are some Foreskins around, but are they really his? Or, are they real Foreskins?

Jesus Christ never wrote anything. So we don’t have one word that is his. Only claims by others. Never has a ‘Material Evidence’ been more empty. Stalin at least has several. But then, how genuine are they?

And for a long time we had living members of the Jewish Sonderkommando around. Those who did all the killing at the ‘Gas Chamber’ and who made it possible for all those Six Million Jews to die. And strangely, there was only one person around who wanted to hear from them and that was Ditlieb Felderer who managed to get in contact with Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller. And Felderer discovered, Filip Muller, wasn’t at all sorry or repentant of the killing. We don’t know, but he may have a special honored place at Yad Vashem? And he also got a huge pension from Germany for his Serial Killing. Not bad for a perpetrator whom was made a victim.


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