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Easter, the Cross, the Crucifixion, Penisology, Holocaust, and Bible myths

Easter, the Cross, Crucifixion, Penisology, Holocaust and Bible myths

The source of Holocaust in a Penis Sex Cult struggling for survival in an hostile religious political atmosphere

Cross wearing_2_322

Christianity and its origin in secret oracles surrounding ritualistic Fertility Cults.
1. The occult Judaic ritual prepares for the Olah-Sex cult, the Greek Holocaust. That preparation pertains to the preparation of the Christian congregation for the Erection ceremony. The secret Christians made the ritual out by creating a Christ, a Messiah, supposed to deliver the world and not any longer, Jews only; and prepare world for eternal peace.
2. The Ceremony of the Rising up of the Penis. This is made into a rising up on a Cross a supposed Christ made out as a Messiah to deliver man from Sin and Perdition. This came to include the accusation that the Jerusalem leading Jews were in cahoots with the Romans and there appears a traitor by the name of Judas to make the myth plausible to the Gentiles.
3. The full Holocaust status of the Penis has been achieved and the Olah stage has been successfully reached with full hard-on. Christ the Messiah is now fully on the Cross all steady and bright.
Thus the Olah Sex Cult sought, and was able, to obscure its original Fertility Cult origin, and made it out as a struggle between political and religious parties.
There are therefore good grounds to suppose that the true source of Christianity; its origin, is in a Fertility Cult which sought to survive a struggle of interest with the populace in complete darkness of knowing what was really going on.


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