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World’s Most Famous Witch Hunters


World’s Most Famous Witch Hunters

In this category for our time belongs the unquestionable Witch Hunter, Agneta Isborn Lind.

But not only Witch Hunting brought fame to her name and honor, she also belongs to the World’s Most Famous Book Burners.

Working together with famous Witch Hunters Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, she discovered the Witch Ditlieb Felderer. Forcing herself into his home she stole thousands of items, such as private family photos, historical records for writing history, family records, and private material having no interest except for the Witch.

Until this day she has refused to tell about how she burned up all this huge material, whether she did it herself, or had accomplices helping her out in her criminal acts

She had Witch Ditlieb Felderer’s home taken over for private use for her Witch Hunters; lead by Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, where they discovered food and beer which they then ate and drunk up. The Home was then used for enjoyment for the assault group of the Witch Hunting team. Everything belongs to the corrupt State lead by a Cosa Nostra active hooligan, assault team.

She brought fame to the whole Sweden justice by forcing Witch Ditlieb Felderer inside Concentration Camp on basis that he translated wrong and gave wrong meaning to a word and got a pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener, to help her out in her sacred Mission. This is a first in human history for never before has a State incarcerated a person because of the meaning of a word. Sweden became the first country in the world to do this. And the name of the Inquisitor, and pseudo-judge, was, Jan Levin.

Another World First was in her violating basic Fundamental Human Rights by calling in the mail man, Anders Norstedt, to testify at the Witch Trial, not about the mail Witch Ditlieb Felderer sent, but WHAT HE GOT, as if it was a criminal offense to mail letters! This in clear violation of United Nations Article 19.

In helping her out with her Witch Hunting she used an accusing document from the German Scofieldite and Dispensationalist, Barbara Just-Dahlmann. She had written much about the right for Zionist Jews to expel Palestinians from their homes. She thus used Religious Fanaticism in help of her Sacred Mission of Witch Hunting.

Barbara Just-Dahlmann claimed Witch Ditlieb Felderer had falsified a stamp depicting Jews being lead for the Gas Chamber. The ‘illegal stamp’ in fact, when investigated was found to be a stamp the Swedish Post Office had printed about the Sweden holiday park Skansen. The court for the Witch Show Trial however agreed with the ‘fact’.

She was able to pitch up such a paranoia of fear and hysteria, that the Kangaroo Court did not dare to examine the documentary evidence for the hysterical charges. This was a similar case with the Witch Einar Aberg, and such Witch Trials as the Salem Witch Trials.

All this resulted in that she is now accused for kidnapping, pirating, abduction, Crime Against Humanity, and related international violations of fundamental Human Rights.

Amongst articles violated can be mentioned United Nations, Article 19, and several Articles of the Council of Europe and for Religious Persecution. For all this, Sweden landed her an important position south of Stockholm. This also gave her a huge wage and other benefits the corrupt State of Sweden showered upon her.


28_463 And the investigator’s work does not end here because each Witch Hunter have accomplices in their abysmal crime of Thought Terrorism (TT). These are Covered Up by the CUM men, the Cover Up Man. We must find for instance the name of the person, also a woman, who directly abetted, Witch Hunter, Agneta Isborn Lind to carry out her Thought Terrorism. Also, those police who stood behind. It wasn’t just the notorious Crime Against Humanity Thought Terrorists, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin. It’s a never ending work to discover new helpers in the burning of witches for without them the Witch Hunter General’s sacred Mission could not do the work of silencing you and me and make us but a number in Totalitarianism.

220px-Malleus_289 Investigators believe that the modern Swedish Witch Trials such as those by the Swedish State and Witch Hunter Agneta Isborn Lind have their origin in Hysterical past Witch Trials which reappear at given moments in people governed with an occult iron hand of laws which the citizens do not understand. It is interesting that Witch Hunter Agneta Isborn Lind took Felderer’s book Malleus maleficarum as if she was bewitched by it.

ALL ABOUT SWEDEN LYNCH TRIALS: Want to find out about the Swedish call and command center for its corrupt judiciary? Little wonder why the Swedish judiciary has been placed as one of the most corrupt in the world. Here it is, right in your living room, in the Swedish language. The threatening and assassination warning call was made on 24 March 1979 and comes directly from the Sweden Zionist center, those who tell the Lynch trial assault team on what to do and think:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56

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