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The Zionist Plot Against Islam

THE ZIONIST PLOT AGAINST ISLAM TO EXTORT HUGE PENSIONS AND THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES AT WORK: The Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon is speaking with Polish Piotr Cywinski inside Stalin’s fake Holy Shrine that he built in 1947, after World War 2. Witchhunting_broom6 The great con man Netanyahu shows the proofs of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. All is pure Chutzpah and air

Language: English, MP3, Speaker: Ditlieb Felderer, Time: 22:53 Minutes

The plot is revealed in the Swedish language without the Zionist caller realizing the conversation with Ditlieb Felderer is being recorded. The date is March 24, 1979.
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56 Minutes:

BY GOING TO AUSCHWITZ WE LEARN WHAT A COMPLETE FAKE THE HEC CULT IT: Only the Secret Doctrine alone shows the Holocaust Extortion Cult to be nothing but a Chutzpah Jewish Zionist extortion attempt, more extreme than anything Bernard Madoff ever did. Yet Bernard Madoff is in prison, the others not.
Preview of “e”

Ditlieb_Bush_Eliasson When Reparation claims against Islam did not move in the desired speed, Bush Junior and Jan Eliasson were set in. By denying talk on the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Jan Eliasson, sought to get a strangle-hold on Islam to force them paying, just as the Europeans were manipulated to pay huge Pensions Fraud Crimes (PFC) with the help of such as Jan Eliasson and his henchmen.

BELOW PICTURE: Witch Ditlieb Felderer is dragged before his Witch Trial and Inquisition headquarter Sodra Roslags Tingsratt to face his Witch Trial set in by the Sweden Crime Syndicate.
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