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An American response to Sweden Censorship laws and Witch Hunts


Sweden which has severe Censorship Laws and promotes active Witch Hunting against investigative writers, this American response is interesting.

It is interesting because Sweden uses a specific word to justify Witch Hunts and Crime Against Humanity. They use ‘missaktning’, which means no criticism against corrupt politicians, its corrupt media, and its corrupt bureaucrats.
People are brainwashed not to despise but to tolerate anything crazy coming from the Totalitarian system’s crazed clergy, bureaucrats, courts, judges, and police. And not the least, from its hysterical promoting education and indoctrination of youth.

Under Sweden’s severe Censorship Laws set up to cover-up its crimes, the below picture could easily land you two years in jail. In Germany 5 years Concentration Camp. They call this ‘freedom law’, just as described by George Orwell in his 1984.

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