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Famous German Flier filled with juicy information

Famous German Flier Filled with Juicy information

1. Information about Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando and of its big idol, Filip Muller. Their crimes.
2. Ota Kraus and Erich Kulka give information that the Jews from France were the worst people, a fact which the Klarsfeld people from France deny telling.
3. GANG RAPES: About Jews forcing themselves into the Gypsy homes at Birkenau, raping the women and mothers in front of their own kids.
4. That those who performed the Gang Rapes later asked and got huge pensions from West Germany, Austria, and elsewhere. See: Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC.
5. Satire over word ‘caust’. That Holocaust Masturbation is necessary for the Christians, Jews, and the Media. On the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem Sex act. Messiah meaning Sperm, Semen.
6. Indicating a continuation of Organ robbing, Body rob, Body parts rob, Trophy robbing. Example from Bible Trophy Robbing is David stealing Foreskins, or whole Penises from the Philistines. While Christian Paul seems to have stolen Penises for Dildos, and, or, Trophies. A form of Fetischism.

See words: SEMEN, Semenology, Vagina Man, Yading, Yadology, Yadvashemology.


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