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World’s Most Famous Witches: Einar Aberg



To the rank of World’s Most Famous Witches, and high up on the list, without a doubt stands the Swede Einar Aberg, a philosopher and lover of animals.

He also seems to be the first Witch ever from whom testimonies were so feared, they were not even asked.

In fact, throughout his whole mountain of Witch Trials, the material of which he was accused of being ‘demonic’, wasn’t even quoted. So fearful were the Witch Hunters in Sweden, such as Witch Hunter General, Sweden’s Justice Minister, the corrupt, Herman Zetterberg; that, they not only never showed what the ‘bewitched material’ consisted of, one evidently didn’t even read it!

It seems close to certain, that the Witch Hunter General, Herman Zetterberg, never read the material of Einar Aberg, to arrive at an intelligent conclusion. Everything was done under mass hysteria and Witch Hunt atmosphere.

EinarAberg_132 Einar Aberg holds without a doubt as one of the top ranking Witches ever. Never before had a court held Witch Trials without stating what the ‘bewitched’ material was. And never before had a Witch, or a non-Witch, been sentenced because of quotes from the Bible, and comments from others. Protestantism was light years ahead of anything the Roman Catholic Church had ever done in persecution of Witches

What is no less amazing, when one starts to delve into it, what Witch Einar Aberg in fact did, was quoting from the Bible and what other people said. Hence, it wasn’t even his own opinion or statements. But what other people said. This resulted in that Witch Einar Aberg never was figuratively ‘burned at the stake’ for what he wrote, but from had been written by others! He became the Scapegoat and figuratively Head Witch for all the other witches in history.

This is unique not only in the history of mankind for all Witch Trials before, one cited the specific portions which one considered were bewitched. But here one was so afraid, one didn’t even dare to cite them.
Thus, Sweden had reached the ultimate in Witch Trials for never before was a Witch sentenced due to what others said or wrote. One didn’t even dare citing or reading the ‘evil’ portions.

This was a giant step ahead of everything that had ever been done against Witches, and this was made in a country supposedly claiming to be civilized and modern. Herman Zetterberg, the Witch Hunter General, was on virtually daily contact with the King, and much of the world. So he was no illiterate. Here was one of Sweden’s supposedly most cultural men, indulging himself into Witchery and doing so with a fervent energy that he even introduced a set of witch laws, specifically against Einar Aberg.

And all of Sweden’s highest court and most professional doctors played along in the Witch Hunt against Einar Aberg. And while Ditlieb Felderer, who at that when the Witch cases were made against Witch Einar Aberg, went to Protestant school, he became a constant target of Protestant propaganda, reminding him of the ‘evils of Roman Catholicism’.

But never had the Roman Catholic Church gone so far that they put charges against a Witch without duly writing it down what the ‘evil statements’ were. Sweden, with its Protestant religion, had outdone anything that the Roman Catholic Church ever ventured upon.

It is thanks to Einar Aberg, that all this today comes to light. How a nation, by its Justice Minister, can get the citizens heads so twisted that everyone screamed ‘Witch!!!’, yet no one knew what the written material was all about. This isn’t Monty Python theater! This is for real.

And it is still not known, in Sweden today, when and how the material from Witch Einar Aberg were burned. And none dare speak about it. It is almost as the Witch Hunts and the Book Burnings continue on and Witch Einar Aberg stands at our back always to remind us about his presence.

398 MASS HYSTERIA IN ACTION: One was so fearful of Witch Einar Aberg in Sweden one didn’t even dare to go near him. So he was put into a mental institution for quoting the Bible and what other people said. Here was mass hysteria gone amok!

World’s Most Famous Witches
Einar Aberg 1
Language: English, MP3, Time: 5:15 Minutes, 23 April 2014

Einar Aberg 2
Language: English, MP3, Rime: 18:47, 24 April 2014

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