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World’s Most Famous Book Burners: Agneta Isborn Lind



Sweden State Prosecutor and Witch Hunter, Agneta Isborn Lind, is without a question of a doubt one of the world’s most famous Witch Hunters and Book Burners. She is known to have Fahrenheited 451, burned up in fire at Hell Fire speed thousands of material, family records, family photos, cartoons, music, quotes, Bible citations, books, and destroyed endless of records and historical archives. Even America’s Anthony Comstock couldn’t compare to the energy of this Witch Hunter. Doing all these crimes she now has charges of Crime Against Humanity leveled against her.

She is the first one in history who managed to kidnap an innocent Witch, for to keep the Witch inside Concentration Camp, on the basis that her friend, pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener, had to find out the meaning of a word. This has never been done before. There is no records the Nazis embarked upon such a huge crime and Crime Against Humanity.

Furthermore, the Witch Hunter Agneta Isborn Lind, is one of those who refuses to tell where and how the bewitched material is fired, burned up. She pleaded for that the material be burned, fired up, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

At her assistance and ever so ready to carry the torch for fire, were the Book Burners and Witch Hunters, masquerading under ‘police’, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, who willingly and methodically assisted her in carrying out the Crime Against Humanity, along with breaking United Nations Article 19. These two energetic Witch Hunters, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, along with with the Witch Hunter General, Agneta Isborn Lind, now face charges of Kidnapping, Crime Against Humanity, and other national crimes.

She then got the Witch Hunters, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, to take over the home of Ditlieb Felderer. They then started to eat up his food. His 24 cans of beer also went down, evidently at a sex party they had inside his home. Along went musical instruments, and God knows what else. This is Sweden where the law of the jungle rules. Here we have Crime Against Humanity several times over.

In her operational task in fighting Witches and her desire to burn and torch in fire books, private photos, family records, and other material, she regularly manipulated documents for presentation at Sodra Roslags Tingsratt, Svea Hovratt and Sweden Supreme Court, its Hogsta Domstol. In doing so she prevented her friend, then Justice Chancellor, Johan Hirschfeldt to make charges where it would have gone up to a jury trial, which Sweden jury trial courts were condemned for years as they are all political run and with political people serving as judges. Corruption is so rampant in Sweden that these jury trial courts still function without impunity, and with the State trying its best to keep them silent.

The Witch Hunter General Agneta Isborn Lind, is also accused with abetting to force a lawyer upon victim in order to get a favorable decision for her Kidnapping and Witch Hunt. In spite of protest from the Witch victim, Ditlieb Felderer, the corrupt pesudo-lawyer, Mats Bjorkenfeldt, appeared at the Show and Witch Trial, resulting in huge sums of money being payed to him.

She even managed to get a mailman, Anders Norstedt, as a witness against the Witch, making him testify, not what the Witch victim had mailed, but on the mail he got! Thus flagrantly violating the Swedish Constitution along with United Nations Article 19.

One of her most fantastic Inquisition Witch Hunter General achievement was her statement that Witch Ditlieb Felderer must be left inside Concentration Camp because in Holocaust the Penis does not go up into erection. So what does she say of the following picture below? Is it all Satanic movements? The Devil is doing his old tricks again? Beware of the Witches!

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