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What is Semen, Semencaustology, Semenologist, Semenology?

What is Semen, Semencaustology, Semencaustologist, Semencaustism, Semenologist?

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946 AN ANCIENT SEMENCAUSTOLOGIST IN ACTION Semencaustology is related to Holocaustology, the teaching and practice of making the Penis move up in an Erection to do the job it was intended to do. Hence, Semencaustology, is closely connected to the Greek Holocaust which means the Penis moving up into a proud and functional Erection.


Semenology and Semencaustology, in fact same words, is the study of Semencaustism, the claim that the Semen of the Twelve Tribes constitute Supremacy, and that the Jehovah tribal Cult Jews, have, not only an obligation, but a God-breathed and God-revealed, God Ordained duty, to rule the world. It is the central theme of the Bible and the real Final Solution, whereby all Gentiles must be smeared with the holy tribal semen solution in order to be allowed to exist.

Semenologist or Semencaustologist smears himself with the Holy Semen becoming a Functionalist for the Holocaust and the sacred cause of Peniscaustologism. It is the Final Solution to be allowed entrance into the Jerusalem Temple, there to witness the Grand Jehovah God, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky.

The Bible is full of such Supremacist teachings where the Cult of Semencaustism can go for support. The very claim of a Messiah, a Christ, glaringly exposes this Jehovah worship Cult of Semencaustism as nothing but Barbarism of the most primitive form.

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