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Incredible incrimatory document: Sweden hurls Witches inside Concentration Camps

Incredible incriminating document

The Art of Burning Books and Witches in Sweden

How Sweden Arsonists work: The science of Fahrenheit 451

How can an ‘expert’ be used as an excuse for incarcerating Witches who does not even know the language, and to make a decision on language which he does not know?

Sweden in 2014 uses same laws as Witches were burned in the Dark Ages!

Sweden hurls Witches inside Concentration Camps for torture on basis of translating a word to be defined by a pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener, who does not even know Greek! The pseudo-professor teaches German, not Greek. He knows no Greek, yet the Witch is kidnapped and put under torture on basis that the ‘professor’ has to get time to give an answer.

When the final ‘expert decision’ arrives, it turns out that the ‘learned professor’ fetched his information from a handbook bought in a gasoline station selling toilet paper, condoms, and porno magazines!

The next step of the Sweden Witch Hunt done by Inquisitor and Witch Hunter General, Agneta Isborn Lind, with the help of two Arsonists, Witch Hunter Svante Nordin, and Witch Hunter Lennart Selin, with a Zionist Jewish Judge, Jan Levin, doing the Witch ‘judging’ at the notorious outlet for criminals and hoodlums, Sodra Roslags Tingsratt.

The Witch Hunt incarceration went all the way up to Sweden Supreme Court, with its President, Johan Munck approving the barbarity!

All this in violation of United Nations Article 19 which Sweden has signed and pledged to abide by. It states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers—Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 10 December 1948.

Here now is the incriminating document that Sweden sought to keep secret. Observe that the name of the pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener, appears. The assessor of the criminal offense of kidnapping and torturing Witches, Helmut Mussener, is totally ignorant of Hebrew and the Greek language:

And here is the pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener, in person. Not only did he approve of keeping Witches inside Concentration Camps for abuse and torture, he even made huge money on it!

And here lays the Witch, Ditlieb Felderer, on the ground at the court of Sodra Roslags Tingsratt in Stockholm, Sweden

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