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How Sweden corrupt Justice Minister Herman Zetterberg forced Einar Aberg into Sweden mental institution

How corrupt Justice Minister Herman Zetterberg forced Einar Aberg into Sweden mental institution

All medics Herman Zetterberg used to get Einar Aberg into Sweden mental institutions were either drug abusers, alcoholics, accused for raping or molesting, or both, of patients, or some other criminal violent act.


The secret Hakan Bondestam document against Scot David Clark brought to light. Hakan Bondestam was the Sweden corrupt Prosecutor who illegally sentenced Ahmed Rami to jail for publishing facts. Here he appears before assaulting Ahmed Rami for Censorship. The main ‘wittness’ for Corrupt Hakan Bondestam was the equally corrupt American Sedition Rabbi Morton Narrowe (listen to below tape), who instigated with others terrorist attacks against people defending Free Speech.

Sweden goes through a perpetual crisis of hiding vital documents to clear up the Hand Operating Behind. The Secret Doctrine is a foremost Dogma of the Holocaust Extortion Cult which depends on Censorship in order to survive. The adoption of this Doctrine has been part of Sweden history for a long time.

EinarAberg_132 Sweden corrupt Justice Minister got Einar Aberg into mental institution by soliciting medics who committed crimes such as rapes, or accused rapes, drug abuse, alcoholics, or other criminal activities. Einar Aberg was never told what his ‘criminal writing’ constituted. His guilt and sin was that his name was Einar Aberg. To this day the whole Sweden media keeps silent about the criminal persecution of Einar Aberg by the Sweden Government. Nor do they ever mention the racketeering of the David Clark Scot case.

Herman Zetterberg got induced to act in this manner being advised to do so by American sedition breaking Zionists who entered Sweden with the help of the military.

The Secret Doctrine is a vital Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult and upon which Exterminationism depends


A secret document dated 9 May 1983 in Swedish about Scot David Clark who denounced Sweden Dagens Nyheter for race crime and ‘hets mot folkgrupp’. At this time the Swedish corrupt politicians had Ditlieb Felderer put inside Concentration Camps. Sweden corrupt prosecutor Hakan Bondestam, who got his job mainly due to the Bonner concern, Dagens Nyheter, and Expressen, denied of course to take up the case against the Scot David Clark. The law Bondestam did not dare to take up, or it would expose the racket of how he got his job, was Brottsbalk 16:8. So while Sweden felt it was duty to incarcerate Ditlieb Felderer inside Concentration Camps, they at the same time refused to take up the case of Scot David Clark as that would bring their whole corruption to light. Follow ‘ditliebradio’ and you will be revealed many more vital secret documents the corrupt Sweden politicians engineered

A Zionist assassin caller calls Ditlieb Felderer on 24 March 1979, telling that he and others will be assassinated.
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56 Minutes

COMMENTS 6 April 2014
Language: English, MP3, Time: 6:38 Minutes

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