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Most corrupt Judges in Sweden

Johan Munck: A leading Judge of World corruption
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The corruption of Hogsta Domstolen in Sweden

According to some, this notorious Thug and pseudo-judge, Johan Munck had contact with the assassin caller recorded below in Swedish:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56

The corrupt pseudo-judge Johan Munck, a major Thought Terrorist (TT) man, had contact with the assassin caller above, and he is also a close friend to another notorious Sweden law swindler, the famous Cosa Nostra judge, Hans Danelius, who for years acted both as judge and accuser at the same time! Thus in a case, which Sweden has sought to hold secret, the case Ditlieb Felderer brought before Strasbourg and its European Commission Of Human Rights, Hans Danelius, the buddy of Johan Munck, acted both as accuser and judge.

In order to sway his willing court subjects, in the last Thought Terrorist Witch Trial against Ditlieb Felderer, Johan Munck declared to his court slaves that Ditlieb Felderer did not have an address, when in fact he not only had an address but perhaps Sweden’s longest kept telephone number which was: 768 13 98.

The leading Thug in this Kangaroo Court clan was the pseudo-judge, Johan Munck, a notorious manipulator and violator using Crime Against Humanity tactics to argue and win his cases. As his accomplices in the Kidnap of Ditlieb Felderer and flagrant violator of fundamental Human Rights were the following court hooligans:
Anita Engelbrandt
Bengt-Ake Engstrom
Inger Konradsson
Johan Lind
Johan Munck
Edvard Nilsson
Birgitta Tegner
Kristina Wahlfors
All these court hooligans are up for Kidnap, Crime Against Humanity, and other charges, and should they be found outside of Sweden where their thug acts are not only protected but encouraged, call the police as charges are pending against them.
The fact that in some cases their full names are not given usually means that that person has been involved with some special criminal activities or has personal problems of some major sort.
It is generally not know in the world that court corruption is so rampant in Sweden, partly because the pseudo-judges earn more money handling private court cases, than their work for the State. That such is possible in a country calling itself ‘civilized’ should open the eyes of most people.


SverigesRikesLagDitlieb_498 IN PREPARATION OF YET ANOTHER LYNCH TRIAL. PREPARING THE KANGAROO COURT. MEET THE GREAT WITCH HUNTER MANIPULATOR JOHAN MUNCK IN PERSON: Scofieldite and Witch Hunter General, Johan Munck, is engaged with manipulating the Swedish law book. A peace of trash when it comes to Censorship as the world has ever seen. Here, Romans 13:1-7 finds its best expression making the subjects of the corrupt State to permanent idiots and slaves. When you see Zionist and Scofieldite Johan Munck holding onto the Sweden law book as he is holding onto the Bible the message is clear. Evidently, both were written by crooks and for crooks.

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